Kiko Ellsworth (Stan Johnson on General Hospital)

Current Character: Stan Johnson

Birthday: 1973-01-02

Birthplace: Born in South Central, Los Angeles

Marital Status: Married to actress Christine Carlo (ex-Leticia)


Kiko was bartending when friends and patrons encouraged him to look into acting.

In addition to action, he trains in the art forms of Bojuka, EKG, Wing Chun, Kali/Escrima, Aikido, Boxing, Fencing and Jujitsu. Kiko is a practicing Sifu (teacher) in Bojuka.

Another aspect of Kiko's life is the charity work that he does on behalf of under-privileged children's organizations. Among the youth programs that he is involved with is the fundraising celebrity basketball team called the Hollywood Knights.

Career Highlights

Crossing Jordan - Detective Parnell, (2007)
CSI Miami - Jack Hilson (2006)
Strong Medicine - Carl (2005)
Port Charles - Jamal Woods (2000 - 2003)
Once and Again - Dean (2000)
Wasteland - Remington (1999)

Awards & Acclaim



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