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04/28/2023 08:40 am

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We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, April 24, to Friday, May 5. Jada is increasingly suspicious of her sister, who happens to be getting much, much closer to Chanel! Elsewhere, Steve and Chad get bad news, Alex has several chances to make things right, Chloe makes it clear to Brady that she’s moving on, and history repeats itself when Eric and EJ once again find themselves ready to trade blows!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of April 24:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, April 24:

In today’s recap, Bo’s love for Fancy Face returns as he threatens Hope’s life, but shots still ring out.

Bo lies on his back with his eyes closed. Leaning over him, Hope's forehead touches his. Her hand cradles his face.

Andrew has the unenviable job of telling Marlena, John and Roman about yet another tragedy. How will they react to the news that Bo killed Kate? (Will they even believe it’s true, given that every single one of them has been declared deceased… some more than once?)

The shocks keep on coming for Shawn as he learns — from Harris, of all people! — that Bo is alive and well. Meanwhile, it’s the moment fans have been waiting for as Bo and his beloved Fancy Face finally come face-to-face!

Thomas Banks is out for two things: vengeance and blood! Will Kayla, Stephanie and Chad find a way to escape the madman’s wrath?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, April 25:

In today’s recap, Hope passes out when Bo flatlines, Steve consoles Shawn, and Johnny finally explains everything to Wendy, who makes out with Tripp.

A forlorn Steve gazes at Shawn. Shawn stares ahead with a clenched jaw. The veins in his neck bulge.

It’s been years in the making… and you won’t believe the shocking turn of events that unfolds as Bo and Hope’s reunion continues.

Speaking of families being reunited and an outpouring of love, the Johnson family finally finds themselves able to experience that joy.

With poisoned pen in hand — not literally, which probably needs to be said on this show! — Leo asks pointed questions of Chanel and Johnny regarding their “engagement.”

Tripp and Wendy’s first date is underway… and things definitely do not go as planned!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, April 26:

In today’s recap, Jada doubts Talia, who kisses a mystery man.

In a doorway, Talia coyly stares ahead with parted lips.

Talia, who are you sneaking around taking secret meetings with? Something tells us that no good will come of this! Especially given that you’re also being questioned by Rafe and Jada about those darned drugged biscuits!

Melinda has a few choice words for Sloan. (Something tells us they aren’t going to be particularly nice ones, either!)

The gloves come off as Gabi and Stefan square off against EJ and Nicole. Get the popcorn, because this is gonna be juicy!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, April 27:

In today’s recap, Talia’s motive is revealed, along with her mystery man’s connection to Salem.

In the motel, Talia gazes into the bearded Colin's eyes. His left-hand rests on the side of her neck, while his right-hand brushes her chin.
Jada struggles with a piece of information which seems to indicate that Talia might not have been entirely forthcoming when questioned.

Chanel wants to play dirty as she battles Sloan, and she knows exactly who to recruit in that effort: Alex!

Wanna see Brady’s head explode? We’re betting it will once he finds out that Chloe and Xander have decided to move in together!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, April 28:

In today’s recap, Kate’s fate is revealed, and Bo responds to Hope’s declarations of love.

On a fishing boat, Kate wears overalls and a bandana in her hair. A fish lays on a table in front of her. She leans on the table with a far off look..

As Shawn reacts to the unexpected developments which have taken everyone by surprise, he is supported and comforted by Ciara, who understands exactly what he’s going through.

Roman is happy to be reunited with Steve and Kayla… however, he’s not so thrilled at the prospect of seeing Bo again.

When Harris lays it all on the line, how will Hope react?

Stephanie and Chad squeeze in a little time for romance!

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