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Beyond Salem Chapter 2 Hope Ciara

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, March 20, to Friday, March 31. There are reunions galore as the back-from-the-dead women find their way back to their loved ones. Meanwhile, Ciara is extremely disappointed with mom Hope, Bo lays out his new plan, and Gabi’s passion for Stefan could find her walking directly into a trap!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of March 20:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, March 20:

Today on Days of Our Lives, Hope risks her life, Kate fights for her life and Megan unveils her master plan — and it’s almost as crazy as she is!

Kristian Alfonso, Steve Burton Harris choking Hope days jpi

Viewers of Beyond Salem: Chapter Two will recall that when first we met Harris he was working for Megan Hathaway. When today Hope makes a discovery about the guy, might it give her reason to think that he’s once again doing the she-devil’s handiwork? (What’s Harris really up to? Portrayer Steve Burton reveals what brings the character back…)

Kate just got back from “heaven” and it looks like she could be making a return trip. Why? Because Megan orders that Roman’s wife be killed!

After she and Kayla try and get answers from Dr. Rolf — and good luck with that, by the way — Marlena tries desperately to reach out to her beloved John.

A Days of Our Lives reunion takes a turn for the terrifying — and it may not be the end of one woman’s nightmare.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, March 21:

Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ and Nicole begin their plot against Stefan, Li scores a victory with Gabi and Sloan’s revenge heads in a new direction!

Nicole talking to EJ in bed days peacock

Here’s hoping that when the mother/daughter duo of Channel and Paulina manage to score a victory over Sloan, they do a victory dance. Because who wouldn’t want to see that?!?

Li’s latest idea when it comes to coming between Stefan and Gabi? Keeping the two from crossing paths! Meanwhile, Stefan may not even have time to try and connect with Gabi, seeing as he’s busy being manipulated by Nicole and EJ!

Jada admits to not understanding a big decision made by her sister, Talia.

Legend Louise Sorel returns to the studio to shoot scenes as Vivian, but admitted, “I was in shock… I felt awful.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 22:

Today on Days of Our Lives, Kristen faces off against Chloe, Alex and Xander’s competition turns violent and Paulina’s celebration is cut short!

Kristen on the phone in Statesville Stacy Haiduk days jpi

We don’t even want to think about what it might mean! Chicago PD’s Jesse Lee Soffer drops a warning as he’s put on the spot over Halstead leaving Upton.

When you’re dealing with someone like Kristen, sometimes you have to be willing to play dirty. Today, Brady proves that he’s willing to roll around in the proverbial mud if it means he can get the goods on Rachel’s mom!

They say that the best surprise is no surprise… especially when it’s the kind of unpleasant one heading Paulina’s way!

Chloe has some not-so-nice things to say about Rachel. Unfortunately, she utters them in the presence of the town’s literal gossip columnist, Leo!

Xander and Alex put up their dukes and fight over Gwen… which leaves us to wonder how this woman, who has done some pretty awful things, has the two hottest guys in town coming to literal blows over her!

Chicago Fire Showdown! Stella’s next move will determine if she lives or dies — Plus, will Carver an Seager’s romance be revealed? And a Young & Restless guest star!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 23:

A middle aged Victor looks intently offscreen.

In today’s recap, Bo is flooded with memories of Hope and Victor, Harris’ extreme measures produce results, and Stephanie turns to Shawn for help.

It ain’t easy having your brain manipulated, something many of Stefano’s victims learned over the years. This time around, it’s Bo who is trying to get his head screwed on straight thanks to Megan, aka The Phoenix’s daughter!

Megan is not the sort of woman whom it’s wise to disappoint. So when she demands that Rolf get her the results she’s looking for, he’d best figure out how to come through!

Harris is ready to prove his feelings for Hope. How? By undergoing a potentially deadly treatment!

Chandler Massey is engaged — maybe even already married… the clues are in the pics! Meet the special someone who stole his heart.

Chad’s struggling with moving on from his beloved Abigail. Will a bit of advice from Abe, who knows a thing or two about loss, help?

The wait is over and this Sunday the Hallmark Channel premieres its new rodeo series Ride. Get a preview of what’s ahead as tragedy strikes the renowned McMurray family — plus, get to know the cast, which includes a past soap favorite!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, March 24:

Not only are we getting a visit from Ben and Ciara, but it looks as if they’re about to receive some exciting news! Might Baby Bo — as opposed to the full-grown version — be getting a sibling?

Rolf has a new serum he wants to test out, which of course means he needs a guinea pig. With that in mind, he wakes up Kayla from her forced slumber. Will she become his latest victim?

Bo has only one thing on his mind: Convincing Megan to give him his freedom! Meanwhile, Steve and John get much closer to locating Megan… which could also reunite them with the loves of their lives!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of March 27:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, March 27:

It’s a family reunion years in the making as Kayla and Bo are finally reunited.

Ciara is about to learn that you just can’t leave a willful parent unattended for long stretches of time. Why? Because if you do, bad things happen… like her mom, Hope, reconnecting with Harris!

As John makes the kind of discovery that will leave him gobsmacked, Steve manages to capture Megan.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, March 28:

Talia’s been keeping secrets from her new boss/friend Chanel, but she seems ready to come clean…

Nicole and EJ’s latest scheme moves into high gear as they set Stefan and Gabi up for a fall.

Paulina’s had just about enough of Sloan, and hopes to convince Rafe and Jada that it’s time to throw the beautiful attorney behind bars! Meanwhile, Sloan continues trying to help Eric get back on his feet via a new career opportunity!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 29:

EJ and Nicole’s fairly simple plan is ready to be sprung today. All they have to do is tip off Li so that he can find his wife in Stefan’s arms…

Off yesterday’s conversation with Paulina, Jada and Rafe bring Sloan in for questioning. Meanwhile, Paulina suddenly suffers a panic attack! What’s got her so freaked out?

Things get pretty heated between exes Nicole and Eric when they wind up discussing one another’s current romantic situations.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 30:

As Leo’s latest trash-talking column hits Salem, Chloe prepares for Brady’s inevitable reaction. Meanwhile, Rachel proves to be her mother’s daughter when she heads to Statesville in order to get up in her mama’s face.

You’d think Gwen might be able to think up this particular scenario on her own, but apparently she needs Leo to suggest that she use one guy (Alex) to make another (Xander) jealous. Come on, Gweny, that’s Schemer 101!

This could be a big moment for Wendy and Tripp as they dance on that line between friendship and something more…

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, March 31:

It’s a big day for emotional family moments. First, Belle and Eric are at long last reunited with their back-from-the-dead (again) mom, Marlena. Then, Steve gets to tell Stephanie the very good news that Kayla is actually alive.

You won’t want to miss the showdown between Hope and Megan! Meanwhile, when Bo and Kayla arrive at Victor’s childhood home, he fills his sister in on his big plans. Will Hope factor into them?

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