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At home, Ciara talks with Ben on the couch

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, March 13, to Friday, March 24. Harris takes the kind of risk which could cost him everything — including both Hope and his life! Meanwhile, Megan puts the screws to Rolf (and not in the fun way), Stefan is played by two master manipulators, and fan faves Ben and Ciara return!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of March 13:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, March 13:

Today on Days of Our Lives, Gwen and Alex hook up, Maggie offers Xander a job, and Gabi taunts Li.

Soft hotel room light highlights Gwen and Alex as they seductively look at each other.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans, right? Well, apparently EJ and Nicole don’t, so they’ll probably be surprised when theirs backfires!

Gwen and Alex are both down in the dumps, and heaven knows misery loves company. We’re not, however, sure it’s a good idea for these two to be tossing back drinks together…

Wendy isn’t going to be thrilled when Tripp fills her in on Johnny’s stunt. Meanwhile, Li is going to pull out all the stops, but is it enough to win over Gabi?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, March 14:

Today on Days of Our Lives, Trask brings new charges against Brady and Eric, Gwen is mortified to wake up to Alex, and EJ and Stefan prepare to face off.

At the Pub, Sloan and Belle sit side by side at a table. They cast earnest expressions to someone across from them.

Something tells us there won’t be a lot of family love in the air when Johnny has it out with Uncle Stefan!

Leo comes home to… well, pretty much the last thing he expected!

Belle and Sloan might not care much for one another, but they agree to work together toward a common goal: trying to help Eric and Brady.

EJ and Nicole know a thing or two about scheming, so we’re almost afraid of what they might come up with when they put their heads together to cook up a new way to deal with Stefan.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 15:

Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ and Stefan have it out, Xander and Alex face off and Li has a new proposal for Gabi.

Li and Gabi days peacock

Forget hearts and flowers. Li knows that the way to win Gabi over is to play upon her driving ambition… and that’s exactly what he’s about to do!

EJ and Stefan decide it’s time to lay all their cards on the table. But is there even a table big enough to hold them all?

Johnny is about to do the right thing. Well, to be more accurate, he’s going to try and do the right thing. Whether or not he succeeds is yet to be determined.

Leo is about to be read for filth by Alex. (For Leo’s sake, we can only hope Alex is shirtless when it happens.)

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 16:

Today on Days of Our Lives, Megan finally reveals why she stole the orchid and the three women, John and Steve track down a lead and Kate comes face to face with [spoiler]! (Three guesses as to whom it is.)

Megan taunting kate days peacock

The hunt for Megan gets underway in earnest when the search takes Steve and John… beyond Salem! (See what we did there?) As John pays Paul a visit in San Francisco, Steve turns to Andrew for help!

Roman tries to make peace with Lucas.

Marlena and Kayla have yet another thing to worry about when they discover that Kate is nowhere to be found. And wait until you see who turns up at Megan’s compound!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, March 17:

Today on Days of Our Lives, the reveals fly fast and furious as Kate has a chat with Bo, John, Steve and Hope catch up and Kayla and Marlena get the skinny from Megan’s secret ally.

Megan and Bo pulling a gun on Kate days peacock

You won’t want to miss what happens today, because Marlena and Kayla will get a huge shock — in the form of a familiar face — when they attempt another escape!

It’s the day many fans have been waiting for as Kristian Alfonso steps back into the role of Hope Brady. The first people the heroine will encounter? Steve and John!

Kate is in for a shock. Of course, at this point, she should be pretty used to that, given that they’ve been coming hot and heavy of late!

Did things work out between Andrew and Paul, whom we haven’t seen since the second chapter of Beyond Salem wrapped? We’ll find out today when they get together to talk about their relationship!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of March 20:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, March 20:

Viewers of Beyond Salem: Chapter Two will recall that when first we met Harris he was working for Megan Hathaway. When today Hope makes a discovery about the guy, might it give her reason to think that he’s once again doing the she-devil’s handiwork? (What’s Harris really up to? Portrayer Steve Burton reveals what brings the character back…)

Kate just got back from “heaven” and it looks like she could be making a return trip. Why? Because Megan orders that Roman’s wife be killed!

After she and Kayla try and get answers from Dr. Rolf — and good luck with that, by the way — Marlena tries desperately to reach out to her beloved John.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, March 21:

Here’s hoping that when the mother/daughter duo of Channel and Paulina manage to score a victory over Sloan, they do a victory dance. Because who wouldn’t want to see that?!?

Li’s latest idea when it comes to coming between Stefan and Gabi? Keeping the two from crossing paths! Meanwhile, Stefan may not even have time to try and connect with Gabi, seeing as he’s busy being manipulated by Nicole and EJ!

Jada admits to not understanding a big decision made by her sister, Talia.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 22:

When you’re dealing with someone like Kristen, sometimes you have to be willing to play dirty. Today, Brady proves that he’s willing to roll around in the proverbial mud if it means he can get the goods on Rachel’s mom!

They say that the best surprise is no surprise… especially when it’s the kind of unpleasant one heading Paulina’s way!

Chloe has some not-so-nice things to say about Rachel. Unfortunately, she utters them in the presence of the town’s literal gossip columnist, Leo!

Xander and Alex put up their dukes and fight over Gwen… which leaves us to wonder how this woman, who has done some pretty awful things, has the two hottest guys in town coming to literal blows over her!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 23:

It ain’t easy having your brain manipulated, something many of Stefano’s victims learned over the years. This time around, it’s Bo who is trying to get his head screwed on straight thanks to Megan, aka The Phoenix’s daughter!

Megan is not the sort of woman whom it’s wise to disappoint. So when she demands that Rolf get her the results she’s looking for, he’d best figure out how to come through!

Harris is ready to prove his feelings for Hope. How? By undergoing a potentially deadly treatment!

Chad’s struggling with moving on from his beloved Abigail. Will a bit of advice from Abe, who knows a thing or two about loss, help?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, March 24:

Not only are we getting a visit from Ben and Ciara, but it looks as if they’re about to receive some exciting news! Might Baby Bo — as opposed to the full-grown version — be getting a sibling?

Rolf has a new serum he wants to test out, which of course means he needs a guinea pig. With that in mind, he wakes up Kayla from her forced slumber. Will she become his latest victim?

Bo has only one thing on his mind: Convincing Megan to give him his freedom! Meanwhile, Steve and John get much closer to locating Megan… which could also reunite them with the loves of their lives!

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