Spoilers for the Week of February 20, 2023

02/24/2023 12:47 pm

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We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, February 20, to Friday, March 3. The supposedly “dead” women find their situation going from bad to unbelievably worse… emphasis on the “unbelievable” part! Meanwhile, Rex has a proposition for Sarah, and Alex is about to get a big ol’ shock!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of February 20:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, February 20:

In the afterlife, Nick smirks at Jake with his hands on his hips. Nick wears a black shirt and striped tie, and Jake wears a white linen button down.

In today’s recap, Jake intervenes in the afterlife with a shocking revelation.

John and Steve are skeptical of Orpheus’s revelation.

Roman tries to stop John and Steve from going through with their deadly plan.

Allie and Chanel share a bittersweet goodbye.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, February 21:

Holding a document, Gabi looks at Li with a confused expression.

In today’s recap, Johnny finds Stefan’s vial, Li signs his DiMera shares over to Gabi, and Brady confirms his suspicions of Sloan.

Our hearts go out to Guiding Light and Nashville star Hayden Panettiere, who has suffered the profound loss of her younger sibling. Details inside.

Stefan earns a small victory in his plot against EJ.

Brady grows suspicious of Sloan.

Gabi questions Rafe about his feelings for Jada.

Nicole makes an admission to Johnny.

Yellowstone shocker: Is Kevin Costner being killed off as John Dutton?!? “You can’t take one without the other,” star teases.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, February 22:

In bed, EJ and Nicole sit up wrapped in a sheet, and lean lustfully toward each other.

In today’s recap, Brady kidnaps Stefan, Gabi agrees to Li’s terms, and Eric cons his way in to see Rolf.

Johnny and Wendy make a curious discovery.

EJ and Nicole discuss their future.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 premiere date announced — plus, the news that’ll have Hearties breathing a sigh of relief!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, February 23:

A stern looking Wei extends his hand to a tense Li, who holds a phone.

In today’s recap, Wei lashes out at Li, who gets arrested, and Rolf builds a slapdash deprogramming machine to use on a freaked-out Stefan.

Rafe and Jada get an arrest warrant for Li.

Stefan panics when he learns of Brady’s intentions.

Sloan angrily confronts Eric about his betrayal.

EJ shares his suspicions about Stefan with Nicole.

Blue Bloods cancelled?!? Could this be the end of the Reagan family’s Sunday dinners? Massive cast cuts may be necessary to save the show.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, February 24:

In a lab, Marlena Kayla and Kate lie in pods with their eyes open.

In today’s recap, the women are sent back to their bodies, and their captor is revealed.

Paulina receives a message from Kate.

A heavenly advocate for the three women puts pressure on Nick.

Steve and John investigate Orpheus’s claim by grilling Tony and Anna.

Marlena, Kayla, and Kate wonder if there’s hope for them after all.

Just as they finally may be getting their happily ever after, this latest return could be the final straw for “Stabi.”

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— Amy Mistretta/Richard Simms


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