Spoilers for the Week of January 09, 2023

01/13/2023 01:03 pm

In Kristen's arms, Rachel faces her mother.

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, January 9, to Friday, January 20. When Kristen’s back is up against the wall, she breaks out every dirty trick in the book while trying to get outta town. Meanwhile, Marlena’s situation takes a dire turn, Stephanie turns to Chad for comfort, and a former couple find themselves reconnecting in the shadow of tragedy.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers week of January 9:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, January 9:

An anguished Steve holds Kayla's face. She lies in a hospital bed, wearing an oxygen tube in her nose. Her eyes are closed.

In today’s recap, Kayla prepares to see her parents and Bo, Alex adds to Stephanie’s devastation, and Orpheus tempts a grieving Lucas.

With several lives in the balance, it’s anyone’s guess who will survive. Kayla is fading fast, and Steve is by her side hoping to give her a reason to hang on. Wanting to keep Stephanie in the loop, Chad tries desperately to get in touch with her. Meanwhile, Marlena may be weak, but she’s still got the energy to try and talk some sense into Eric!

You never know who you’re gonna cross paths with at Statesville, as Lucas finds out when he and Orpheus have a nasty run-in.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, January 10:

Wearing a puffy orange top, Gabi leans forward in her open kitchen doorway. She glares at Lee, who wears a contrite expression.

In today’s recap, Eric pulls a gun on Kristen, Li makes a bold claim in his fight to win Gabi back, and Stefan pays Gabi a visit.

Brady hopes that confession will be good for his soul when he opens up and shares the truth with Chloe.

Johnny climbs to the top of Stefan’s you-know-what list when it comes to light that he kept the truth under wraps.

Galen Gering (Rafe) lands in the hospital after suffering an excruciating injury: “Life sure can change quickly.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, January 11:

A somber Brady gazes at Chloe with a creased brow.

In today’s recap, Chloe tells Brady she slept with Stefan, Rafe searches for Rolf, and a desperate Li demands Wendy’s help.

Eric’s behavior of late has more than a few people worried. Nicole pays him a visit and wants to know exactly what’s going on!

The bad news keeps coming for Kristen, who is told by EJ that she’s not welcome in the DiMera mansion! Of course, she has a bit of info she hopes might change his mind…

With the truth out in the open, Gabi tells Stefan he needs to go get himself deprogrammed, pronto!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, January 12:

Jada wraps her arms around Steve as he cries in Kayla's desk chair.

In today’s recap, Stephanie confronts Alex, Rex learns Philip is alive, and Steve and Roman grieve.

Sonny knows just how damaging secrets can be, so he urges Alex to step up and tell Stephanie the truth. Meanwhile, Chad is there when Steph needs him to be.

Lucas shares some info with Rex that could prove useful.

Could the worst have come to pass? What does it mean when Steve mourns a huge loss?

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Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, January 13:

In her apartment, Chanel opens a manila envelope as Sloan glares at her.

In today’s recap, Stephanie refuses to forgive Alex, Sloan sues Chanel and Paulina, and Will overhears Leo’s cryptic comment about Sonny.

Will is still not happy about Leo’s presence in the Kiriakis manor. Meanwhile, Leo and Gwen find themselves in need of some good legal advice.

Zach Tinker (Sonny) is retuning to his soapy roots.

Beloved soap vet dead at 75: COVID claims the actor who created one of daytime’s most colorful baddies.

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