Spoilers for the Week of January 02, 2023

01/06/2023 02:02 pm

Brady glares at Kristen in the apartment above the garage

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, January 2, to Friday, January 6. Jada’s there to comfort Rafe after Nicole takes the next step to ending their marriage, Sonny tries to fix his by smoothing things over with Will, and John and Marlena couldn’t be happier staycationing at home — plus, it’s a race to locate the missing orchid!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of January 2:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, January 2:

A downcast Chloe wears a robe while sitting on her Miami hotel bed. Wearing a t-shirt and boxer briefs, a compassionate looking Stefan rests his hand on her arm.

In today’s recap, upon learning Rachel is missing, Kristen lunges for Eric, and Stefan throws Gabi out of his and Chloe’s hotel room before Chloe does the same to him.

Eric and Brady thought they’d come up with the perfect plan. The one thing they didn’t count on? Kristen’s reaction. Will it turn out that they’ve gone a bit too far?

Nicole and EJ have a past that the word “complicated” doesn’t begin to describe. So it’s not surprising that she’s reluctant to hit the sheets with him again. But will she give in to temptation?

What’s really going on between Johnny and Wendy? We’ll have a better idea following their conversation about the future.

Stefan and Chloe will have to brace themselves for the bombshell Gabi is about to drop on them!

Heartbreaking farewells: Join us as we pay tribute to and remember the daytime vets who were taken from us in 2022.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, January 3:

In the park, Chad stands with Thomas and Charlotte. They face a grinning Alex, who turns toward Stephanie.

In today’s recap, Bonnie and Justin confront Xander, Alex stakes his claim, and Sonny offers Will a compromise.

Sarah is still trying to absorb the truth about her beloved Xander. Perhaps sharing what she knows with Bonnie, Justin and Maggie will help?

When Xander’s feeling down in the dumps, Gwen’s there to try and help lift his spirits.

Alex and Stephanie are getting closer… which is why he can’t help but question Chad’s own feelings for the beauty!

Fans won’t want to miss this “darling romantic story,” as Alison Sweeney tees up a tantalizing sneak peek at Hallmark’s new The Wedding Veil trilogy.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, January 4:

Sarah sits teary-eyed in front of Xander at the motel.

In today’s recap, Justin and Bonnie go to the cops about Xander, and Sarah makes a final decision about her marriage.

Rafe shouldn’t really be surprised when he receives divorce papers from Nicole, and yet they hit harder than he imagined. Will Jada be able to help cheer him up?

The forward progress Alex has been making with Stephanie seems to have suffered a major setback as she rips into him!

A furious Bonnie and Justin, newly aware of everything Xander has done, confront the Aussie in a must-see moment. Meanwhile, Gwen finds herself being encouraged to do the “right” thing by flipping on Xander. But given how she has felt about him in the past, can she really do that?

Were you were one of the 5.5 million Fire Country viewers left hanging on the edge of your seats when Bode went over the bridge in the fall finale? If so, you won’t want to miss this preview as his ultimate fate is revealed in Friday’s winter premiere!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, January 5:

Brady's and Kristen's scowling faces are inches apart.

In today’s recap, Brady demands the orchid from Kristen, who discovers it’s missing — just as the women start to relapse.

Hey, getting away from Salem is always fun (unless you’ve been kidnapped or are tracking down a killer). But Marlena and John find themselves happily enjoying a staycation!

Sloan can’t help but wonder if she made a huge mistake in doing a favor for Eric.

Kate is on the receiving end of bad news. Perhaps the fact that Rex is on hand to deliver it will at least soften the blow?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, January 6:

At the pub, Roman hovers over Chad, who cradles Kate's head in his arms.

In today’s recap, Rex calls time of death on Kate, Kristen is reunited with Rachel, and Alex intercepts an important call from Chad to Stephanie.

Lives are on the line as Kristen and Brady race against time to find out exactly what happened to the all-important orchid! Meanwhile, Eric shocks John and Marlena with a revelation.

Alex is about to make a decision that could change everything!

Days of Our Lives gives Lucas a wild new look as Bryan Dattilo returns amid Kate’s latest crisis.

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