Spoilers for the Week of November 14, 2022

11/18/2022 12:48 pm

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We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, November 14, to Friday, November 25. Xander turns to someone other than Sarah when he needs to share. Meanwhile, Nicole confronts her rival, EJ goes into an emotional tailspin, and Alex just may find himself with a date for Thanksgiving dinner!

Days Winter Preview: Bo! Hope! Ciara! Big returns, big twists, big shocks and more.

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of November 14:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, November 14:

At the hospital, Nicole closes her eyes as she hug Eric. He puts his hand on the back of her head.

In today’s recap, Nicole breaks Rafe’s heart, Jada sends Eric away, Xander confides in Gwen, and EJ attacks Ava.

While it can’t come as a terrible surprise to Rafe when Nicole says that she wants to be with Eric, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to take the news well. Meanwhile, Jada and Eric are stunned — positively stunned — by a bit of news that probably won’t surprise most soap fans…

Xander’s been keeping secrets, but if there’s one person who knows how to dig up things other people would rather keep hidden, it’s Gwen. What will she do upon discovering the lie he’s been telling?

In this corner, miffed former mafia don Ava. In the other? Boyish billionaire EJ. Now… let the battle begin!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, November 15:

In the interrogation room, Belle sits with Chanel across the table from Trask. Belle gapes at Trask, while Chanel keeps her eyes downcast.

In today’s recap, Sloan reveals she’s Paulina’s blackmailer, Chanel confesses her guilt to Allie, and Chad asks Gwen for a favor.

When Leo suffers a setback, it’s Sonny — of all people — who is there to offer his support.

In the wake of Chanel’s shocking arrest, Alex is there to offer Allie comfort. Meanwhile, Melinda pushes hard to get a confession out of Paulina’s daughter!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, November 16:

In a tropical motel, a shirtless and oiled up Johnny stands with a towel wrapped around his waist. He puts a hand on his hip as he stands over Wendy at a desk. She leans away from him with raised brows and a tight smile.

In today’s recap, Allie learns how Chanel killed Sloan’s mother, and Johnny flusters Wendy on their search for Rolf.

Sloan once again proves that she’s full of surprises, and Paulina is blown away by the latest revelation.

It wasn’t that long ago that Stephanie wanted nothing to do with Alex. But things definitely seem to be heating up between the pair today…

The search for Rolf takes Wendy and Johnny to the exotic locale of Jakarta. Because you know he wasn’t going to be hiding out somewhere like Wisconsin!

Gabi may not be able to regain control of Stefan’s heart, but she’s going to do her darndest to reclaim Gabi Chic. Will fighting for the company wind up keeping her in his orbit?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, November 17:

In the DiMera Enterprises office, Stefan grabs Gabi's shoulders. They share a sexually charged look.

In today’s recap, Rolf attacks Johnny and Wendy, Gabi confronts Li about his lies, Eric tells Jada his wishes, and Rafe finds Brady consoling Nicole.

Li can’t help but fear his little sister has figured out his secret!

We’ve got some big casting news: It looks like Steve Burton is returning to Salem. Get all the details here.

As you can probably imagine, Gabi isn’t particularly thrilled by the news that Stefan and Chloe are officially dating!

Awkwardness alert: Rafe and Eric are about to cross paths…

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, November 18:

In a hotel room, Steve and Kayla flank Tripp who sits with a dazed expression. Steve wears all black and a medallion on a gold chain. Kayla wears a long brown wig and leopard spotted fur coat.

In today’s recap, a disguised Steve and Kayla rescue Tripp, Charlie suggests Ava turn to murder, and Susan psychically links up with Bonnie.

Does Justin have good reason to be concerned when Bonnie seems to have gone missing?

Talk about having your work cut out for you! Tony and Anna join forces to try and convince EJ to see reason. (Good luck with that, guys!)

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