Spoilers for the Week of September 19, 2022

09/23/2022 01:03 pm

Stefan holds Chloe's hands on Days of our Lives

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, September 19, to Friday, September 30. Chad finally finds the answers he’s been seeking, leading to a moment you won’t want to miss. Meanwhile, Kristen seeks help (but probably not the kind she really needs), Brady gets a shock, and Gwen winds up at the hospital!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of September 19:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, September 19:

Sonny lies wide-eyed in a hospital bed

In today’s recap, Sonny recalls a key detail in his attack, Leo has an epiphany about who set him up, Craig returns, and Sarah makes a final decision about Xander.

What really happened the night Sonny was attacked… and who was responsible? Chad and Will combine forces in the hope of helping Sonny remember the truth.

Things look bad for Leo… so bad that he has only one place left to turn. But is Gwen really in any position to help?

After overhearing a pretty damning conversation, Nancy can’t help but think she’s being cheated on again, this time by Clyde.

Xander turns to best bud Jack for a little advice as to how he should handle things with Sarah.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, September 20:

At a table in the Pub, Craig leans forward across from a cozy Clyde and Nancy

In today’s recap, EJ wants Stefan to destroy Gabi, who finds hope in her resurrected husband’s visit. Plus, Craig confronts Clyde, and Gwen turns on Leo.

Pretty much the last thing Nancy or Clyde expected — and honestly, we’d probably be on that list, too — is for her ex-husband, Craig to show up. What brings him back to Salem?

EJ and Stefan are never going to be pals… heck, they don’t even trust one another. But when EJ offers up a proposition, Stefan may have to admit that he’s intrigued. Meanwhile, Chad — always the last to know — finds out that Stefan is the latest local to rise from the grave. (Everybody does… except, it seems, poor, dead Abby.)

Leo thinks he knows who has been framing him, and shares the info with Gwen. (Of course, by doing so, he may have put her in danger if he’s right!)

We know how Alison Sweeney will be spending the days of her life: Here’s all we know about her big new contract — and what better day to spread the news than on her birthday!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, September 21:

In the interrogation room, Orpheus grabs Steve's wrist as the latter tries to stab him with a pen

In today’s recap, Roman’s ready to give up Philip, and Chloe talks with the judge, who rules on Rachel’s custody. Plus, Steve attacks Orpheus, and Kayla collapses.

Remember years ago, when John and Kristen were an item? Given their long history, it’s not surprising that she’s able to push his buttons and cause him to lash out at the worst possible time.

Chloe must really be desperate if she’s asking Kate for a favor!

As Steve is busy confronting longtime nemesis Orpheus, Kayla and Marlena anxiously await the results of their bloodwork.

Sunday’s Chesapeake Shores Preview: [Spoiler] finds a journal and is startled by details of Nell’s past — plus, Bree uncovers a surprising connection to Luke.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, September 22:

In the interrogation room, Chad's blue eyes bulge at Rafe

In today’s recap, Clyde has an incriminating flashback, Chad implores Rafe to investigate Craig, and Gwen catches Jennifer with pills.

It looks as if Chad may finally have found the answer to the question he’s been posing for months: “Who really killed Abigail?”

Feeling terribly betrayed by his brother, Sonny lashes out at Alex.

How will Craig react when he and Leo cross paths for the first time since their almost-wedding? Heaven knows there’s a lot for them to unpack!

You never know who’s friends with who in Hollywood… Galen Gering (Rafe) marvels at the real-life supercouple that filled his weekend with magic!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, September 23:

Eric intently looks at Nicole at Basic Black

In today’s recap, Chad grabs a gun after Sonny remembers Clyde stabbed him.

Armed with his new theory about Abigail’s murder, Chad goes to see the one person he believes can confirm his suspicions: Sonny!

How will Brady react to the confession Chloe’s about to make?

Nicole and Eric decide it’s time to stop playing games and finally come clean with one another. Will the truth set them free of one another, or bring them even closer? And is the shocking discovery made by Jada connected to Nicole and Eric or with regards to something else entirely?

It won’t be long now… As Yellowstone Season 5 draws ever nearer, Cole Hauser promises ‘no rest for the wicked!’

The more, the merrier: Alison Sweeney (Sami) and many other soap stars — as well as Hallmark favorites — are returning to the screen this holiday season for the network’s Countdown to Christmas special!

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