Spoilers for the Week of July 04, 2022

07/08/2022 02:25 pm

At the Salem Inn, Kate's face is filled with worry as she looks at Lucas

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, July 4, to Friday, July 15. As Sami and Lucas prepare to walk down the aisle, events arise which will change the way the bride looks at everything. (Might she finally learn the truth about her kidnapping?) Meanwhile, grief gets the better of Chad, an arrest is made in Abigail’s murder, and Kate finds herself trying to prevent her son from doing something foolish.

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of July 4:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, July 4:

In John and Marlena's doorway, Sonny puts a hand on Chad's back as he embraces Will

In today’s recap, Will connects some dots in Abigail’s murder that hit too close to home for Lucas, as Chad’s family and friends rally to support him.

As the town of Salem gathers to mourn the loss of Abigail, Tony and Anna arrive to join the extended DiMera family in celebrating her life. Sonny and Will are on hand to help Chad as he tries to figure out how he’ll go on. And when Kayla attempts to deliver Abby’s eulogy, she finds it almost impossible to summon up the words.

Perhaps not surprisingly, JJ and Jack don’t see eye to eye where Gwen is concerned.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, July 5:

Nancy's face lights up while talking to Marlena outdoors

In today’s recap, Rafe spots Nancy’s diamond bracelet, Evan reaches out to Jan, and Ben and Ciara start saying their goodbyes.

How will Marlena feel about the request she receives from former patient Ben?

Watch out, Salem, because Orpheus is about to put another of his wicked plans in motion.

Shawn receives a phone call which leaves him with more than a few questions.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, July 6:

Chad confronts Leo in the park

In today’s recap, Rafe arrests Clyde, Leo offers condolences to Chad, Jan steals Ciara’s boat key, and Ben makes a request of Marlena.

Ciara can’t help but wonder if perhaps Shawn is falling under Jan’s spell. Ironically, even as she tries to get answers from him on that very topic, Jan realizes that her time may be running out!

It’ll feel like old (bad) times when Will and Leo cross paths. Let’s just say they won’t be hugging out their differences!

Tamara Braun (Ava) takes a fall ‘on the concrete’ and thanks the only person that stopped to ask if she was ok.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, July 7:

On the docks, Jan raises an oar to Shawn

In today’s recap, Belle saves Shawn and Baby Bo from Jan, EJ confesses the truth about Clyde to Chad and Rafe, and Leo panics.

Jan has a plan, which begins by luring Shawn to the docks so she can fill him in. (Life lesson for Jan: If step one of your plan involves “luring” someone somewhere, it’s probably not the best idea to begin with.) Meanwhile, Belle is feeling that old, familiar pull toward the husband she still loves.

When Leo and Nancy have a heated exchange, he suddenly comes to a realization about his partner-in-illicit-activities, Clyde!

Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso preview their big ‘Bope’ reunion: “It’s as if they had been writing the show back in the ’80s.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, July 8:

Ciara cradles a bundled baby as and Ben look out to the harbor

In today’s recap, Ciara and Ben say farewell to Salem as, like Bo and Hope before them, they set sail on a new adventure!

Robert Scott Wilson is leaving as Ben — but maybe not leaving Salem? On the heels of Victoria Konefal’s exit, headwriter Ron Carlivati explained that Wilson “doesn’t necessarily want to leave.” Find out what is in store for the actor’s future on the NBC soap.

And Victoria Konefal is also out as Ciara — here’s why… Headwriter Ron Carlivati details the challenges of exits such as these.

When Shawn and Belle lay it all on the line, will their conversation lead to a new beginning… or a final farewell? Meanwhile, Marlena takes it upon herself to warn EJ that his involvement with Belle will likely end in heartache.

Leo and Gwen have a long history, which is why he has a sneaking suspicion that she has something to hide!

Casting news! Meet the primetime vet who’s bringing her arresting presence to Salem.

Plus, it’s happening — once again! The vanishing of Jan Spears — and departure of Heather Lindell.

And don’t miss all of the best-dressed stars from the Daytime Emmys in our photo gallery.

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