Spoilers for the Week of June 13, 2022

06/17/2022 07:45 am

Lucas and Sami have emotional conversation on Days of Our Lives

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, June 13, to Friday, June 24. Get ready, because Sami’s returning to Salem, and if there’s one thing we know it’s this: Where the blonde spitfire goes, trouble follows! In other news, Leo continues to tick people off, Shawn manages to push his wife even further away, and it looks as if wedding bells are about to ring for Paulina and Abe… assuming, of course, her latest lie doesn’t blow up in her face!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 13:

Chad finds Abby dead NBC

In today’s recap, Chad is inconsolable after Abby dies, and Tripp decides to leave Salem.

Ever since first they kissed, things have been getting increasingly intense between EJ and Belle. Today, those flying sparks lead to combustion as things heat up between Sami’s sister and her ex-husband!

Only weeks after he ‘died,’ Days of Our Lives sends Lucas Adams’ Tripp packing.

Meanwhile, his ex, Allie, grows much closer to Chanel. (Does this mean Johnny’s out of the picture for good?)

His life in pictures: As the son of Greg Rikaart turns 6, photos tell the sweet story of ‘the world’s most loved and secure kid.’

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, June 14:

In the DiMera doorway, Kate looks to Chad with concern

In today’s recap, Jack and Jennifer come home, Chad accuses Kate of killing Abby, Lucas discovers a gash on his hand, and Leo’s hiding something highly suspicious.

In the wake of Abby’s shocking death, Leo and Gwen take turns accusing one another of having gone a step too far. But did one of them actually commit murder?

Well, this doesn’t sound good: Lucas wakes up without any clue where he was or what he did the night before. Not exactly the condition one wants to be in as suspicious eyes begin looking for someone upon whom to pin a murder!

Her life in pictures: As the daughter of Bryan Dattilo turns 8, take a walk down memory lane with dad and the kiddo who brings him “sunshine every day.”

Dan Feuerriegel: ‘I was wildly out of shape’ — man, but look at him now!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 15:


In Jake's apartment, Tripp sits at the table, a bandage on his forehead. An emotional Ava wraps her arms around his shoulders

In today’s recap, Gabi makes a vow to Chad, Kate asks Lucas if he killed Abigail, and Ava confronts Gwen.

Chad is determined to find answers. When he grills Kate about her son, will she tell Abigail’s husband what he wants — and perhaps needs — to hear? Meanwhile, despite being eaten alive by guilt, Lucas is there to offer what comfort he can to Jack and Jennifer.

Tripp gets together with his parents to say farewell. But is he really going to be leaving Salem for good? (One thing we know for sure: He’ll be appearing in the upcoming edition of this soap’s spinoff, Beyond Salem. And just look at some of the familiar faces who’ll be joining him!)

Li and Gabi have been getting much better acquainted. But one thing he never wanted to do was be the bearer of the kind of bad news he must deliver to her today!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 16:

The soap will be pre-empted today.

Watch Camila Banus undergo a breathtaking transformation that’ll have everyone ‘Gabi-ing’ — plus the actress reveals her favorite person to work with on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, June 17:

The soap will be pre-empted again today.

Yellowstone fans are about to get taken for a very different kind of ride — and you won’t want to miss this!

Whether you could use a refresher course on all things Sami or simply want to relive some of her more spectacularly self-destructive moments, you’ll love our look at her wild and crazy history! 

Keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces from Days of Our Lives as you peruse the below gallery of General Hospital couples that are coming together, falling apart… or something in between!

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