Spoilers for the Week of April 11, 2022

04/15/2022 02:35 pm

Abe and Paulina lean in for a kiss on Days of Our Lives

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, April 11, to Friday, April 22. It’s not even May sweeps, but we’re getting a double wedding as Gwen and Xander, as well as Leo and Craig, prepare to exchange vows. (Trust us, this is going to be must-see TV!) Meanwhile, Paulina makes a move, the devil toys with Johnny, and Ava manages to shock a couple people.

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of April 11:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, April 11:

A somber Gwen and Xander face each other in their Salem Inn room. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Xander is ready to plan a future with Gwen, while Sarah dreams of marrying another. Plus, Rafe gives Gabi an assist, and Anna worries she’s going to prison.

Sonny stuck around Salem when Will returned to Arizona. Could the offer Victor is about to make Sonny turn what seemed like a temporary situation into a more permanent one?

Rafe isn’t generally one to cooperate in schemes, but when Gabi asks for his help in dealing with Ava — who has made both of their lives a living hell — he might just be tempted to make an exception!

Video: Watch as Robert Scott Wilson takes his ‘shot’ — and makes it!

Oh, brother — and sister! Celebrate National Siblings Day by ‘meeting’ your favorite Days of Our Lives stars’ nearest and dearest.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, April 12:

Robert Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal, Lindsay Arnold, ben ciara allie days jpi

In today’s recap, John urges Belle to fight for her marriage, Paulina tells Chanel she deserves better than the twins, and the gender reveal party takes a dramatic turn!

Who doesn’t love a good gender reveal party? Of course, given that the devil is out to stake a claim on Ben and Ciara’s unborn child, things at their event are likely to take an unexpected turn or two. Meanwhile, Marlena has an opportunity to share a sweet moment with Ben.

Given his own experience with the devil’s antics, John is probably the perfect person for Belle to talk to when she needs to vent about how the demon’s antics led to Jan carrying Shawn’s baby!

Chanel yet again finds herself the owner of a broken heart. Fortunately, Paulina is there with a shoulder onto which her daughter can cry.

Take a peek! Deidre Hall shares photos from her Salem getaway: Come for the beauty, but ‘don’t miss the cuteness.’

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, April 13:

At the Bistro, Chloe and Leo look contemplative while sitting across a table from each other. Brady sits next to Chloe, but his face is obscured. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Craig and Nancy sign divorce papers, Abigail agrees to be Gwen’s matron of honor, and Brady sparks an idea in Sonny about Leo.

After everything they’ve been through, logic would suggest that Gwen would be wise to stay far away from Abigail. And yet, Gwen is about to make a downright startling request of her sibling, which seems more than a little nervy!

In the wake of the offer Victor made, Sonny is in need of someone to talk to. Will Chad help him make the right decision?

Nancy is moving full-steam ahead with her divorce from Craig. So why are Brady and Chloe urging her to hit the brakes?

Sarah’s future is in her mom’s hands. What will Maggie decide is the best course of treatment?

When Calls the Heart preview: A secret marriage license surfaces that could spell the end for two Hope Valley favorites.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, April 14:

Gabi has a tense conversation with a tall bald man. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Gabi obtains a recording of Ava confessing, while Leo suggests a double wedding.

Nicole warns Jake that Ava is probably the last person in Salem he should get involved with.

Craig and Nancy take a trip down Memory Lane, proving that things between them weren’t always such a mess. Meanwhile, Leo reconnects with someone from his past…

Now that we’re months into the devil storyline, we’ve decided to review it. So is the plot hella good… or hella bad? Read our take here and see if you agree.

Chandler Massey killed off in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ May premiere — plus, a former Chicago Med fave discovers a really old-fashioned love.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, April 15:

Xander glares at Leo in Horton Square. Gwen hangs on Xander's shoulder, and gives Leo a worried look. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Ava calls Abigail after she’s arrested, Xander balks over the double wedding when he encounters Leo, and Chad and Sonny set out to find Jackie Cox.

Eric Brady is back in Salem. How long will he stick around this time?

Wedding bells are ringing in Salem as Xander and Gwen prepare to walk down the aisle. But wait until Xander finds out the latest twist in store…

Return to Bay City with a new gallery full of then-and-now photos of the stars of Another World.

Hallmark blazes a new trail for itself — and viewers — with a groundbreaking love story that promises to be a real work of heart.

If you think Xander has his hands full now, view our photo gallery below of all of Xander’s scandalous adventures then get the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

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