Spoilers for the Week of March 07, 2022

03/11/2022 02:29 pm

Chloe and Brady talk on a bench in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, March 7, to Friday, March 18. Leo is yet again setting his sites on something that doesn’t belong to him, but a trio of friends might just put a dent in his plans. Elsewhere, Xander tries to get Maggie help, Marlena prepares to fight the devil yet again, and it looks as if Chloe and Brady might just be inching toward a reunion!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of March 7:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, March 7:

In Horton Square, Xander holds out his phone, and looks expectantly at a stone-faced Sarah. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Sarah thinks Xander is Renee’s husband, Alex. Plus, Gwen is blackmailed, and Jake comes face to face with the devil.

Chicago PD’s chilling twist! Why Burgess and Ruzek may decide to give up Makayla if they find her alive!

The DiMera shareholder meeting might be all about business, but something tells us Gabi is going to take great pleasure in dropping a bombshell on those gathered!

The walls are closing in on Gwen, and her best bet is to convince Ava not to reveal the details about Abigail’s kidnapping. Wait, Gwen’s fate is in Ava’s hands? Yeah, good luck with that one, girl!

Johnny tries to take on the devil. (Anybody else suddenly hearing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia?” Will Johnny walk away with a guitar made of gold?)

Movie sex symbol reveals what happened when he auditioned for Days — opposite his brother’s fiancée, no less: “I stunk up the room so bad, I didn’t even get a call back” — plus, view a gallery of 68 stars who got their start on soaps!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, March 8:

Gabi gapes, and JoDevil raises an eyebrow at Jake laid out on the conference table. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Ben and Ciara tell Susan their suspicions about Johnny, Clyde and Orpheus team up, and Jake and Gabi break up.

Sounds like EJ could be facing some serious problems behind bars. Why? Because Orpheus and Clyde are putting their heads together in order to conspire against him!

Ben and Ciara think that Johnny might be the latest person to have provided the devil with a place to live. When they share their suspicions with Susan, will she co-sign their theory? Meanwhile, Jake is going to be blown away when he finally sees Johnny’s true colors!

Will the news Belle brings EJ regarding his case be good or bad?

Chicago Fire searches for its “missing piece” as Stella brings on a new recruit. Plus, a new paramedic is set to appear as well!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 9:

Susan leans her back against a door while reading the Bible. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, JoDevil makes Susan believe Belle is the devil, while Chanel comforts Allie and then pleads her case to Tripp.

Jake might understand recent events a bit better once Ben and Ciara tell him that they suspect Johnny might be possessed.

Belle tries getting to the bottom of why Chad turned on EJ in the courtroom.

Chanel is there when Allie needs someone to offer her comfort. But will the young women be tempted to take things further?

When Calls The Heart teasers: Nathan suffers from amnesia, doesn’t remember Elizabeth and asks, “Who are you?”

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 10:

Craig opens his Salem Inn door to Sonny and Will on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Will and Sonny return to warn Craig about Leo, John warns Brady against getting involved, and Marlena seeks Justin’s legal services.

Someone get the popcorn, because this promises to be good: Nancy is about to go toe-to-toe with Craig’s boy toy, Leo. Something tells us the conniving schemer may have met his match in Nancy, whom longtime viewers will recall knows a thing or two about how to make a rival pay!

How will John react upon hearing about Chloe and Brady’s plan to expose Leo?

One of our favorite grandmother/grandson pairs is reunited when Will comes home and swings by to see Marlena. Hubby Sonny, meanwhile, visits Justin to express his concerns about his dad’s marriage to Bonnie.

Soap hunk-turned-Hallmark hottie drops more than $7m on Brooke Shields’ house — take a peek — plus, look inside the homes of 27 of your favorite daytime stars!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, March 11:

At home, Eli raises his eyebrows at Paulina on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Eli starts investigating TR, Lani meets with her biodad, and Craig’s reaction isn’t what Will and Sonny expect.

Chloe and Brady join forces to try and pull a fast one on Leo. (Is it too much to hope that the exes might, in the process, rediscover their own feelings for one another?) Meanwhile, Will and Sonny are doing their best to help Craig see the light. And if anyone knows just how much trouble Leo is, it’s them! And Bonnie steps up to help give Nancy a makeover!

Has TR really changed his wicked ways? We kinda doubt it, but Paulina and Eli are going to work together to figure out exactly that.

Days alum undergoes emergency surgery after trying to save a woman from a violent situation: “Please keep him in your prayers.”

Salem is full of rich citizens and some are featured in our photo gallery of soaps’ richest families — plus, get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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