Spoilers for the Week of February 07, 2022

02/11/2022 07:28 am

Tripp stands behind Chanel and Allie watching them talk in the Square on Days of Our Lives

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, February 21, to Friday, February 25. Tripp is ready to pop the question, but he might have competition. Meanwhile, Gabi is doing JoDevil’s work for him, Gwen is called to the carpet and all heck breaks loose on the island!

As Black History Month gets underway, we salute some of daytime’s most important African-American characters of all time with a gallery of highlights and photos.

Soaps’ valentine to you: 30 (!) photo albums that retell the love stories of your favorite couples — break out the chocolates and enjoy…

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of February 21:

Days Soapbox: It was a lackluster send-off before the two-week Olympic break, but we’re left wondering what Xander and Sarah are really up to, what TR’s agenda is, and why no one has given the devil a second thought.

DVR alert: When Calls the Heart season 9 premiere teasers: The stage is set for romance, change and a race like no other — plus, 15 gifts that Hearties will love!

While we wait for new episodes, check out these deleted Days of Our Lives scenes, and see if they offer clues of things to come!

Watch what’s to come for Belle and Shawn when Jan pops up with an unwelcome surprise.

When Days of Our Lives returns after the Winter Olympics, Will and Sonny return! But so does Leo Stark

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, February 21:

EJ knew his time in prison wouldn’t be a piece of cake… but what he never imagined was who his cellmate would wind up being. (The guy really should have known that on soaps, nothing is random!)

Abigail is not one to be messed with, a lesson Kristen will learn the hard way when Chad’s wife manages to turn the tables on her captor! Meanwhile, Sarah, too, has decided that it’s time to leap into action. And because things are definitely coming to a head on the island, Steve and Kayla decide the time is right for them to mount an escape!

Eric Martsolf finds new perspective in an unlikely place: “As soon as I stopped crying, I started laughing.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, February 22:

Two faves return to Salem — get ready for more drama ahead!

Kayla and Steve might just find themselves getting suspicious when they have a most unusual encounter with Sarah. What the heck is going on on that island?

Chad’s had more questions than answers of late, but Tony is about to provide the younger man with a bit of information that just might set him on the right path.

Speaking of answers, Jack wants some from Gwen. But will she come clean with her dad?

Things are gonna get awfully uncomfortable in EJ’s cell as he and Clyde deal with their new reality.

Join us in sending Mary Beth Evans congratulations on her adorable new grandbaby!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, February 23:

Paulina may not be Abe’s favorite person at the moment, but surely he won’t turn a deaf ear to her plea for help in dealing with Lani’s dad… right? Lani will finally be able to fill her hubby in on recent events when Eli returns to Salem. And what’s up with the pitch Anna is about to make to Paulina’s ex? Meanwhile, meet the newcomer who may be about to KO TR!

Kayla and Steve are going to be downright stunned as they listen to the unbelievable story that Sarah tells them.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, February 24:

Get ready, because Rafe and Nicole are about to call Ava out. But will it really be as simple as that?

JoDevil is working overtime where his efforts to come between Jake and Gabi are concerned. But will they meet with success?

Nancy’s had a rough go of it lately, so it’s no surprise that she turns to Marlena for a bit of guidance.

Something tells us that when Chloe asks Brady for a favor, he’ll happily comply. The only question is what she’ll ask for!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, February 25:

Thanks to recent mysterious events — like that darn cross that keeps turning itself upside down — Ben, Ciara and Julie find themselves wondering if maybe the devil wasn’t actually driven out of Salem…

As JoDevil continues to manipulate Gabi, she pulls the wool over Jake’s eyes. Will they ever be able to bounce back from the devil’s machinations?

Nicole is about to put it all on the line in an effort to help Rafe!

It’s going to be a big night for Tripp and Allie as he plans to pop the question. But when he fills Chanel in on his intentions, might she throw a monkey wrench into the works?

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month by saluting some of soaps’ most important African-American characters in our gallery below then get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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