Spoilers for the Week of October 25, 2021

10/29/2021 02:27 pm

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We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, October 25, to Friday, November 5. Things are about to get crazy — or should we say crazier — as the dead are resurrected, Abigail and Chad get the upper hand where Gwen’s concerned, and Rafe gets a major shock!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of October 25:

Days Soapbox: John vs. MarDevil was an exciting cliffhanger, but what happens now? Plus, pondering if something devilish was behind all that love in the afternoon last week.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, October 25:

Paulina and Lani at Abe's hospital bedside on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Abe reunites with Lexie in the afterlife, and MarDevil drags John away after knocking him out.

Kayla does everything she can to revive Abe, but things don’t look good. Meanwhile, his loved ones gather to reflect on his life in Salem and the many people he has touched. Even Julie and Paulina, who’ve not always been the best of buds, lean on one another during this difficult time.

Billy Flynn (Chad) and his wife announce their pregnancy with a series of gorgeous 1960s-inspired photos!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, October 26:

Kristen slaps EJ at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Kristen accuses EJ of betrayal, which leads EJ to suspect Nicole. Plus, Ava agrees to take care of Carmine, and Gabi warns Rafe his girlfriend has blood on her hands.

Lucas has a thing or two he wants to get off his chest where Brady’s concerned. But is he sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong when it comes to Brady and Chloe?

As Rafe’s investigation into Abe’s shooting continues, he has a few questions for Jake.

Just released! I’ll Be Home for Christmas Movies: The unofficial fan guide is the perfect gift for Hallmark viewers — and here’s why.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, October 27:

Steve blocks the doorway in front of Kristen on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Steve blocks Kristen’s attempt to flee with Rachel, EJ passionately kisses Nicole, and Xander and Gwen get time alone.

We’re not crying, you’re crying! Watch Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope’s dad walk her down the aisle to General Hospital’s Chad Duell, their first dance and more special moments in a video compilation by her Days of Our Lives alum bestie!

How will Victor react when Jack tries convincing him to help Gwen and Bonnie? (We can almost hear the curmudgeon laughing in his face from here!)

When Philip puts Chloe’s loyalty to the test, will she pass? And what happens if she fails?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, October 28:

MarDevil in a devil costume on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Belle sees “Marlena” dressed as the devil, Johnny and Allie get a shocking answer from the Ouija board, and Chad explodes at EJ over Abby.

Halloween is always a spooky time in Salem, but with the devil wandering around, count on things being even crazier than usual… starting with Marlena’s costume, which absolutely floors Belle! Meanwhile, Johnny, Allie and Chanel decide to play with a Ouija board. (Come on, Johnny… we know you’ve seen pretty much every horror movie under the sun, so you should definitely know better!)

Abe’s situation brings Theo home for a visit.

Chad and Abigail’s latest intimate moment is yet again interrupted by EJ. It’s almost like he’s trying to come between them or something…

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, October 29:

Ciara supports Ben in the cemetery on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, MarDevil summons Charlie to rise from the grave, Ciara learns she’s pregnant, and Tony reminisces.

Tears and tissue alert! The Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy’s heartbreaking crossover death that stands to kill fans! Plus, a teaser photo from the next episode of Grey’s.

Nothing good ever happens in a crypt, right? So it should surprise no one that when a possessed Marlena visits John there, it’s to torment him. Can John’s love once again reach whatever is left of his wife’s soul?

How will Allie and Johnny react when they learn that the devil’s come to Salem?

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa) reveals that she’s expecting: “This was definitely a surprise.”

Now that Kristen’s back, what other characters do you want to see return? View our gallery of soap characters we want back, including some Salem favorites, and get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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