Spoilers for the Week of October 11, 2021

10/15/2021 02:38 pm

John leans in on the couch to make a point with a concerned Marlena on Days of Our Lives

We have two weeks of the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, October 11, to Friday, October 22. John’s suspicions lead him to a shocking discovery, Julie unintentionally puts herself in danger, and Chloe gets an unexpected offer, and Jake winds up being arrested!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of October 11:

Days Soapbox: Dishing the devil’s plans for a ‘Cin’ baby, that island getaway mention, and the duo we didn’t know we needed.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, October 11:

Ciara holds Ben's face as they smile on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Marlena tells Ben to have a baby with Ciara, while Allie agrees to play Sami in Johnny’s movie.

Abigail and Chad bring a scene from Marlena and John’s past to life. (Anyone else really, really hoping it’s the infamous desktop seduction?)

In other news regarding Johnny’s project, John tries convincing Roman to pull his funding.

Days alum Tyler Christopher celebrates a momentous first: Not just a turning point, but it ‘felt great’.

Get all of the latest in our big soap opera news roundup, including weddings both real and reel, dissed fans and some very sexy photos!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, October 12:

Marlena levitates over her bed as red light is cast on the room on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap: Marlena levitates, Ben and Ciara’s night of passion gets interrupted by a powerful force, and EJ wants to play John in Johnny’s movie.

Despite the reservations he’s expressed in the past, Ben finally tells Ciara that he’s ready for them to have a baby.

EJ happens by at a most inconvenient time, interrupting a close moment between Abigail and Chad.

If John was unhappy about Johnny’s project before, wait until he finds out that the whole script has been rewritten to focus on Marlena’s possession! Meanwhile, Marlena finds out what the devil’s master plan is. Needless to say, it’s diabolical and wicked, leaving her positively shocked. But is there anything she can do to prevent it from coming to pass?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, October 13:

A shirtless Chad carries Abby while kissing her on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Chad and Abigail reunite, Ben fears bad omens after trying for a baby with Ciara, and the devil’s ready to share his master plan with Marlena.

In the least surprising development ever, it turns out the devil isn’t big on sharing. But can he take full control of Marlena, body and soul? Find out what Deidre Hall offers everyone on set, and which no one refuses, when she’s playing possessed.

Ben may not be entirely sold, but Ciara reassures her husband that they have made the right decision.

Chesapeake Shores season finale preview: The scandal surrounding David’s family is revealed — plus, Abby makes a choice between Evan and Jay!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, October 14:

Chad angrily points his finger at Johnny as Abigail watching in the DiMera living room

In today’s recap, EJ needles Chad about playing John to Abigail’s Marlena, Rafe admits to Nicole he’s jealous seeing her with EJ, and Jake gets a gun.

As Jake is issuing a strong warning to Philip, Gabi is across town tearing into Ava for having the nerve to plot with Chloe’s would-be beau. Er, we mean Philip, not her other would-be beau, Brady.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, October 15:

EJ and Nicole kiss outside Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Marlena wants Johnny to make his movie, EJ kisses Nicole, and Chloe moves out of the mansion.

When you walk in on two people in a compromising position once, it can be explained away. But the second time Philip finds Chloe in Brady’s arms, he’s a whole lot less inclined to cut either of them slack! In fact, it’s safe to say that he’s about to lose his cool over the situation!

We’re once again left to wonder if Rafe might think of himself as more than just Nicole’s friend when he winds up butting heads with EJ over his interest in the blonde.

John has been increasingly concerned about Marlena, and he believes that the last thing she needs is Johnny making a movie about the most trying time in their lives. And his worries are only amplified after finding out about the disturbing dream Marlena had. But can John really convince EJ’s son not to move forward with his film?

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of October 18:

Days Soapbox: Johnny needs to show some respect, Chloe needs to dump Philip, and Eli needs more to do.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, October 18:

Marlena makes a decision that’s going to absolutely floor both John and Johnny. (Viewers, aware of what’s really going on with her, probably won’t be quite as surprised!)

Over the years, Steve has had some pretty wild adventures with the ISA. But even he’ll be surprised by his latest assignment!

Bonnie and Gwen wind up sharing a cell. Anybody else see a buddy flick in the making?

Victor tries to throw around his metaphorical weight by taking a meeting with Melinda in order to have her do his bidding. But will it work?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, October 19:

It seems that Marlena’s unusual behavior of late has finally gotten John’s attention. But when he ponders the possibility of her being possessed yet again, will he allow himself to accept that the devil has once again taken control of his beloved Doc?

On the heels of Marlena’s big move yesterday, Johnny’s ready to start production of his movie!

Kate and Lucas offer up Philip a little advice about his love life. But honestly, given their track records, maybe he should seek help elsewhere! Meanwhile, the object of Philip’s affection (and borderline obsession), Chloe, finds herself being made an offer by Brady!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, October 20:

Abigail has been suspicious of Jack’s other daughter for quite some time. But when at last she fills Chad in on her theory about Gwen having lied to their dad, will her husband believe her?

You might recall that EJ and Nicole’s first attempt at a dinner date didn’t go particularly well. Thinking it worth another go, EJ suggests they have a do-over date. But he’ll have to squeeze it in between questioning sessions as Kayla and Steve team up to try and get information from him.

Justin urges Bonnie to stay strong and hold out hope.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, October 21:

Abe thinks it would be awesome to have his longtime friend Marlena officiate when he and Paulina tie the knot. Paulina, however, isn’t so sure…

When Jake takes things into his own hands, will he have the desired result or only make a bad situation worse?

Julie’s had just about enough of being kept at arm’s length from her beloved Doug. But when she demands Marlena let her see the patient, things may not go as Julie hopes! Meanwhile, John searches Marlena’s office for answers as to his wife’s recent behavior.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, October 22:

Remember how in yesterday’s teasers we asked if Jake was about to make things worse? Well, today he winds up in police custody, so that answers that question!

How does Abe go from happily planning his future with Paulina to being rushed to the hospital?

Ruh-roh… it looks like Marlena (or rather, the demon sharing her body) has decided that Julie must be kept quiet at all costs! Is this really the end for Doug’s beloved wife? Meanwhile, John is downright befuddled by what he discovers. Will he finally clue in to what’s going on with his wife?

As Halloween draws near, take a look back at some of soaps’ most memorable costumes and disguises of all time in a brand-new photo gallery that’s all treat, no trick!

Get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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