Spoilers for the Week of September 27, 2021

10/01/2021 02:26 pm

ben and ciara talk babies days

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, September 27, to Friday, October 8. The devil tries to come between one of Salem’s most stable couples, Abe hopes Paulina will tell him what he wants to hear, and someone returns to town bearing incredibly sad news.

Some of your daytime favorites are starting the holiday season early in Hallmark Channel’s star-studded Countdown to Christmas!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of September 27:

Check out what Marlena and the devil are up to next week in this Days of Our Lives sneak peek video!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, September 27:

Johnny and Chanel hold glasses of wine while talking on the DiMera couch on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Ben dreams his son becomes a Necktie Killer, Chanel warns Johnny against making his movie, and Eli prevents MarDevil from killing Doug.

Allie decides Tripp deserves to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about her family’s scandalous past. Wonder how he’ll react as she reveals all the gory details?

Tony becomes the latest person Johnny hits up to help out with his movie.

Doug has a tough time trying to communicate with Eli.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, September 28:

Nicole in a red dress at Titan on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Philip enlists Ava’s help against Gabi, Jake fails to get one over on Brady, and EJ asks Nicole to dinner.

Justin and Xander aren’t exactly guys you expect to see working on the same team, but Gwen suggests that they might just be able to help one another out.

When Philip makes yet another grand, romantic gesture, will Chloe open her heart to him?

Looks like Nicole isn’t doing a great job of hiding her feelings for Rafe. How do we know? Because EJ has figured out for whom her heart is yearning!

Chesapeake Shores teasers: A secret from the past is revealed — plus, a mysterious package could be more trouble than it’s worth!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, September 29:

ava and philip talk nailing jake days

In today’s recap, Philip agrees to Ava’s demands, Gwen and Xander make things official, and Nicole agrees to go on a date with EJ.

Brady thinks Nicole going out with EJ is one of the 10 worst ideas he’s ever heard. But can he convince her of that?

Xander and Gwen do what they do best… scheme! Meanwhile, Abigail has been doing some basic math and has come to the conclusion that Gwen’s story simply doesn’t add up!

Well, this should be fun: One scheme team (Ava and Philip) are working to bring down another scheme team (Gabi and Jake). May the best plotters win!

After a long, scandalous road… she’s back! When Calls the Heart spin-off returns for season two — with a huge soapy casting twist.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, September 30:

John visits Doug in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, Johnny asks Abby to star in his movie as Marlena. Plus, Lucas gloats to EJ who ticks off Roman, and Doug tells John Marlena tried to kill him.

We all have the occasional bad dream. But when Marlena has them, it tends to lead to things like demonic possession and people morphing into tigers. What will the dream she has today result in?

“Sorry, Johnny,” is essentially what John is about to tell the younger man.

Given their mutual history with Sami, it’s probably not terribly surprising that things get tense when EJ and Lucas cross paths.

Allie has a chat with Chanel about Tripp. Anybody else suspect it’s going to be much more complicated than that sounds?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, October 1:

Abby holds Johnny's movie script to her chest as she talks to a smirking Chad at the DiMera mansion

In today’s recap, MarDevil knocks out Julie, Ciara suggests Ben seek Marlena’s advice, and Abigail proves to Chad she can act.

John receives a warning and, of course, it’s of the dire variety. Is there any other kind on a soap opera?

Needing someone to confide in, Ben confides in Tripp. At the same time, Ciara shares her own thoughts with Allie.

When Johnny pitches woo, will Chanel catch it?

In memoriam: A heartfelt tribute to the stars that 2021 has taken from us. Look back on the roles that left a mark on daytime in our photo gallery.

Get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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