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sami tries to hide affair ej days

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, July 12, to Friday, July 23. Someone winds up on Nicole’s bad side, Paulina has yet another “surprise” for her family, and time is running out if Ben wants to prevent Ciara from becoming another man’s bride!

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Days of Our Lives spoilers week of July 12:

Days Opinion: Ben’s toxic behavior is taking all the fun out of Cin’s anticipated reunion. Plus, nuChanel and Brady’s questionable line in the sand.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, July 12:

Julie catches Xander and Gwen making out on the couch on Days of Our Lives

In Monday’s Days recap, Ciara makes a rash decision after a run-in with Ben, Bonnie asks Justin to marry her, and a horrified Julie walks in on Gwen and Xander making out on her couch.

Ciara wants a divorce. Ben doesn’t. They do, however, agree on one thing when both want to hire Justin to be their attorney. Heck, maybe this will be the common ground that sets these crazy kids on a path toward reuniting! Meanwhile, Theo’s shares his exciting news with Chad.

Bonnie confides in Kayla about her plans for Justin. Will the doctor be supportive?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, July 13:

Tripp stands between Allie and Chanel on Days of Our Lives

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Justin proposes to Bonnie, Allie is confused over her feelings for Chanel, and Julie tells Eli she knows who killed Dr. Snyder.

Dang, Lani is so pissed at Paulina that she actually says she’s going to cut her aunt out of her life. Is there anything Paulina can do to change her niece’s mind?

Chanel decides it’s time she confess to Allie what the rest of us have suspected for a while: She’s falling for her gal pal.

Abe’s down in the dumps thanks to Paulina’s shenanigans. Can John and Marlena cheer him up?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, July 14:

Eric's home on Days of Our Lives

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Eric returns, Lucas has Kristen’s letter, and Sami turns to Xander for information.

If you want delicious baked goods, you go to Chanel. If you want to cook up a devious scheme, you go to Gabi. When she and Jake put their heads together, exactly what will they come up with?

Things get a little awkward between Chanel, Allie and Tripp.

Sami’s been doing her best to keep her secret under wraps but it turns out it’s not as safe as she’d like to think!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, July 15:

Lucas and Philip meet at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

In Thursday’s Days recap, Sami strikes a deal with Xander for his confession about sleeping with Nicole, while Philip urges Lucas to fight dirty for Sami.

Eli wants to question Gwen about Dr. Snyder and his death. Gwen’s always been pretty good at lying and covering her tracks, but will she manage to do it this time around?

Eric and Nicole are finally reunited and plan an anniversary party.

Not so fast, Hallmark hunks! The hotties of Salem refuse to be outdone. See how some of Days of Our Livessexiest actors banded together to make us swoon — and all for a good cause!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, July 16:

Eric and Nicole blindsided on Days of Our Lives

In Friday’s Days recap, Xander crashes Ericole’s anniversary party — after Sami pays his bail — to announce Nicole cheated on her husband. Plus, Lucas and Philip are ready to blow up EJ and Sami’s marriage and Brady and Philip continue to fight over Chloe.

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of July 19:

Days Opinion: Sami got what she wanted but she should really start worrying about Nicole’s payback. Plus, the only way Justin and Bonnie make sense, and the clear winner in a certain love triangle.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, July 19:

Nicole should have known that she could only keep her secret for so long. When Eric asks if what Xander’s claiming is true, will she confess… or try saying “Who believes anything that guy says?” In the aftermath, Nicole has a few choice words for Sami, while Brady tells Xander that his time is up, ’cause he’s fired!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, July 20:

When Nicole and Eric finally sit down to hash out everything that’s been revealed, will their emotional confrontation lead to a healing moment… or the end of their marriage? Meanwhile, Philip suggests that perhaps Lucas can use Nicole’s situation to his advantage!

Allie is clearly on #TeamCin as she does her best to help Ciara remember not only her love for Ben, but the day they became man and wife.

EJ can’t help but wonder if perhaps Sami is, like everyone else in town, keeping a secret.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, July 21:

Ciara has every intention of becoming Theo’s bride. But have recent events — and the proddings of pretty much everyone in town — begun to awaken in Ciara memories of happier days with Ben? As the pressure builds, what can Ben do to prevent his true love from marrying the wrong person? Meanwhile, Abe suggests that perhaps Theo should put on the brakes where his marriage plans are concerned. And as the bride is preparing for her big moment, she winds up getting into a fight with Claire, who clearly thinks Ciara is about to make a huge mistake!

How will Abe and Lani react to Paulina’s latest news? (Given that her last “surprise” went over like the proverbial lead balloon, here’s hoping this time she’s got something a little less “tear-the-fabric-of-Salem-apart” in mind.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, July 22:

When Philip’s brother is in need of help, just how far will he be willing to go?

Nicole’s tried to be a better person (mostly) over the past few years, but today she’s ready to do what it takes in order to seek revenge.

How will Sami react when Lucas decides it’s time to come clean?

Ciara’s ready to walk down the aisle, but half of Salem — including Ben, Allie and Clare — are determined to prevent her from becoming Theo’s wife. Will they be able to stop the wedding?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, July 23:

As the Summer Olympic Games kick off, the NBC soap will be preempted from now through Friday, August 6, 2021.

Fat? Seriously? Yes, someone told a Days of Our Lives beauty she was too big to be a leading lady. Read her response here.

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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