Spoilers for the Week of July 05, 2021

07/09/2021 02:29 pm

ben tries to reason with ciara about divorce papers days

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, July 5, to Friday, July 16. Ben and Ciara realize there’s at least one thing they agree on, Gabi does what she does best and yet another person finds out about Sami and Lucas’ illicit trysts!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of July 5:

Days Opinion: Ciara protested way too much, Paulina dared to demolish Horton Square, and what’s up with Duke?

In the weekly Days of Our Lives spoiler video, Sami is desperate to keep EJ from learning about her affair as Kristen tries to reveal the truth to her brother.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, July 5:

Ben holds ripped up divorce papers to Ciara on Days of Our Lives

In Monday’s Days recap, Ben rips up the divorce papers and then prevents Ciara from leaving his apartment, Paulina faces backlash over Price Town, and Theo shares his news.

Ciara is clearly ready to move on with her life, urging Ben to sign the divorce papers so they can both do exactly that. But come on… who really thinks that Ben will simply pick up a pen and do so? Meanwhile, Theo — the young man Ciara left town with — has some news to share with Doug and Julie.

John and Marlena make time to celebrate a very romantic Fourth of July. (Insert your own fireworks joke here, kids.)

Things are about to take an ugly turn for Paulina as her lies come to light!

A Days of Our Lives and Another World alum has passed away.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, July 6:

Allie and Chanel cuddle on the couch on Days of Our Lives

In Tuesday’s Days, Ciara has a memory of Ben, who warns Theo she still loves him. Plus, Allie and Chanel (now played by Raven Bowens) kiss, and Eli and Lani try to salvage their anniversary.

Paulina and Abe continue to get closer as she opens up to him about some very traumatic events which took place in her past. Meanwhile, Lani is still trying to deal with the emotional impact of Paulina’s deception, and Allie does what she can to comfort a distraught Chanel.

First-look! The Hallmark Channel releases an emotional trailer for season five’s Chesapeake Shores: “That was a kiss goodbye, wasn’t it?”

The new way to watch Days of Our Lives is a stream come true!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, July 7:

Brady shows Chloe her defaced photo on Days of Our Lives

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Brady declares he wants Chloe, Kristen calls EJ, and Gabi ends up with Kristen’s letter about Sami’s affair.

Proving two heads are better than one, Chloe works with Nicole to search for the truth about Sami and Lucas’ affair.

How will Brady react when Kristen — once the love of his life — reaches out?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, July 8:

Gabi and Jake argue in the DiMera foyer on Days of Our Lives

In Thursday’s Days recap, Gabi races to stop Jake from revealing Sami’s secret to EJ, Philip finds Brady and Chloe kissing, and Nicole gets a lead on Kristen.

Gabi and Jake get their hands on a juicy tidbit of info. But the big question is what will they do now that they know Sami and Lucas slept together! (At this point, Sami and Lucas would be wise to come clean, given that half the town knows their dirty little secret!)

How far will Sami go to prevent EJ from finding out what she’s worked so hard to keep under wraps? And when Nicole goes to Lucas with questions, will he provide the answers she’s looking for?

Kristen may have reached out to Brady yesterday, but it’s Chloe who winds up kissing his lips today!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, July 9:

Gwen grabs Xander's arm on Days of Our Lives


In Friday’s Days, Ben and Ciara want the same thing, someone pulls Kristen’s letter out of the fire, and Xander kisses Gwen.

Ciara finds herself having to be on the defensive with Shawn and Claire, who clearly don’t agree with her choices. Meanwhile, Ben turns to his favorite sounding board — Marlena — for advice.

Ah, it feels like old times as Sami continues to deceive EJ. Can this marriage ever really get back on track if these crazy kids refuse to be honest with one another?

When Gwen needs someone on her side, Xander is yet again there to ride to her defense.

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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