Spoilers for the Week of June 14, 2021

06/18/2021 02:43 pm

chad visits kate salem hospital days

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, June 14, to Friday, June 25. A very tempting offer is presented, an awkward situation occurs, a shocking reveal is made and one man’s actions cause a fury of emotions. Plus, while two men fight over one woman, another Salem beauty is caught between two lovers — her current husband and her ex.

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of June 14:

Get a sneak peek at the new EJ DiMera in action in the new Days of Our Lives weekly preview! Sami and Lucas are in for some trouble….

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 14:

Jake guiltily looks at Kate on Days of Our Lives

In Monday’s Days recap, EJ wants to repair his marriage to Sami, Kate plays on Jake’s guilt, and Chloe decides to recuperate at home with Philip instead of Brady.

Want to be jealous of Chloe Lane? Think about the fact that two of the hottest guys in town — Philip and Brady — are fighting for her attention… quite literally!

When Xander dials up the pressure, will Nicole have any choice but to give in to his demands?

That notoriously thin line between love and hate could be stretched to its limit when Kate begins playing some serious mind games with Jake.

What really brought EJ back to Salem? Sami might be surprised when she find out!

Recast alert: Precious Way out, All Rise actress in as Chanel Dupree!

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Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, June 15:

EJ and Tony toast in front of Stefano's portrait on Days of Our Lives

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Marlena walks in on Sami kissing Lucas, Tony wonders if the EJ of old is back, and Chad agrees to keep Kate’s secret.

Tony makes EJ an offer that the newly-returned DiMera finds awfully tempting. But is it also one he’d be wise to refuse? Meanwhile, EJ’s return has done nothing to diminish the undeniable feelings that have been bubbling up between Lucas and Sami… who very nearly get caught in a close moment by her mom, Marlena!

It looks like Kate’s manipulations are working, given that Jake and Gabi wind up butting heads. But someone is about to accidentally discover what Kate’s been trying to keep under wraps.

A fan favorite stars opposite an award-winning country music superstar in a new rocking roadhouse Hallmark premiere!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 16:

With her hand on the plug, Belle glares at Jan who is hooked up to machines on Days of Our Lives

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Belle pulls Jan’s plug, Bonnie lashes out at Steve, and Paulina overhears Allie and Chanel talking about their kiss.

Chanel introduces Allie to Paulina. Seems simple enough, right? Yet things go from pleasant to awkward quicker than you can ask, “Did I say that out loud?”

A double date sounds like fun, right? I mean, with Justin and Bonnie on one side of the table, Steve and Kayla on the other… what could possibly go wrong? (Don’t ask!)

Abe confides to Roman about how things are going with Paulina.

What kind of test is Belle about to give Jan… and will the psycho be able to pass?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 17:

Abe kisses Paulina on Days of Our Lives

In Thursday’s Days recap, Ben sets his divorce papers on fire, Justin tells Bonnie he loves her, and Abe kisses Paulina.

Belle and Shawn should probably brace themselves, because what Claire’s about to reveal will no doubt shock them.

You won’t want to miss it when Bonnie lays her cards on the table via some pretty harsh words for Steve!

Paulina is taken aback when she finds out who her daughter’s been kissing!

Rafe gives Ben a bit of advice regarding Ciara. Might this be the first step toward the estranged lovebirds reuniting? (Meanwhile, check out Victoria Konefal’s memory of a particularly amusing Ciara scene.)

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ latest premiere turns a hotel’s grand opening into a killer event — this weekend!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, June 18:

Sami's eyes bulge on Days of Our Lives

In Friday’s Days recap, EJ proposes he and Chad take Jake down, Jake brings Kate home to the mansion, and Lucas gets the wrong idea about why Sami is staying in Salem.

Sami has one beau too many and she finds herself torn between current husband EJ and ex-hubby/current lover Lucas! Meanwhile, Lucas goes to Roman hat in hand, asking a favor, while EJ suggests he and Chad team up to bring down Jake once and for all!

Relive Sami and Lucas’ road from schemers to lovers in photos.

Kate’s ready to come home from the hospital… and Gabi’s ready to flip her lid when Jake is there to help his ex-lover do it!

Get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

Celebrate the 36th anniversary of Stephen Nichols’ Days of Our Lives debut as Steve with a photo album full of memories.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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