Spoilers for the Week of May 03, 2021

05/07/2021 01:57 pm

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We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, May 3, to Friday, May 14. Kristen’s actions are about to have dire consequences, a couple is heading out on their first date and things are going to get very messy for Jake and Gabi!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of May 3:

Days Soapbox: We loved the return of Stan the Man this week, and Bonnie’s Brady Bunch jokes had us in stiches. Plus, the jig is up for Kristen finally!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, May 3:

Jake grabs Gabi's arm to make a point on Days of Our Lives

In Monday’s Days recap, Gwen accuses Abigail of killing her baby, Ben gives Jake advice, and Kristen taunts Kate over dumping Jake.

You have to love when someone gets more than they bargained for. That’s definitely the case when Kristen, disguised as Kate, finds herself being romanced by Roman. Meanwhile, Jake — newly dumped by “Kate” — finds that sparks are once again flying between himself and Gabi.

In the wake of Gwen’s tumble, Jack and Chad have some tough questions for Abigail. As for Gwen, she is about to tell the kind of lie that will definitely not earn her any fans in the audience!

Total tearjerker! See Mark Consuelos’ insanely romantic photo montage for Kelly Ripa as the All My Children real-life couple celebrates their 25th wedding anniversary.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, May 4:

Kristen listens in to Sami's phone conversation on Days of Our Lives

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Abigail receives zero support in the wake of Gwen’s claims, Ava and Rafe make a date, and Lucas panics over Chloe’s plans.

In the past, Lucas has sometimes had a pretty easy time when it comes to telling a lie. But this time around, he’s struggling when it comes to keeping up the story he’s been telling Chloe. At the same time, Kristen turns up the pressure on Sami, insisting that she get rid of Chloe… pronto!

In the wake of Gwen’s stunning lie, Abigail denies the accusation being leveled against her. But who will people believe?

Where, exactly, do Ava and Rafe stand with one another? That’s a good question, and one they’ll try to answer today!

Promo! When Calls the Heart season eight finale teasers: The kiss — and the life-changing decision — that Hearties have been waiting for!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 5:

Claire bumps into a drunk Xander on Days of Our Lives

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Belle realizes Jan framed her for Charlie’s murder, Claire runs into a very drunk Xander, and Lani agrees to help Chanel.

When Belle comes to a stunning conclusion regarding Charlie’s murder, will she finally figure out that Jan is the one setting her up? And if so, will she be able to clear her own name? And how will John react when Melinda urges him to implicate his beloved “Tink?”  As all this is happening, Charlie’s actual murderer — Jan — finds herself butting heads with Bonnie.

Chanel has a big favor to ask of Lani!

Eye-popping! Watch Bold & Beautiful alum Linsey Godfrey indulge her ‘bikini obsession’ — and show Xander what he’s missing!

Thirteen years after her passing, join us in paying tribute to a late, great soap icon who played bitchy characters better than anyone else.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, May 6:

allie and chanel laugh days

In Thursday’s Days recap, Tripp is shocked by what he sees, Belle and Shawn discover new evidence, and Jan is determined to kill again.

Promo and photos inside! Grey’s Anatomy’s Jackson and April reunion is bound to disappoint — unless it does *this*.

Rafe and Ava have been getting closer over the past few weeks… and it looks as if Nicole is finally ready to admit that their budding relationship has been getting under her skin!

Belle and Shawn know there’s only one person who can provide the answers they’re seeking, but what are the odds Jan will prove forthcoming? (Based on what Claire overhears Jan saying, we’re going to go with “pretty darn slim!”)

Allie reunites with an old friend.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, May 7:

brady car accident days

In Friday’s Days recap, Brady crashes into Kristen and Kate, Sami fails to outwit Chloe, Claire assumes Chanel is pulling a scam.

Susan’s been doing her darndest to keep Brady in the dark about the switcheroo she pulled with his girlfriend, Kristen. But when Susan makes a slip in front of the hunk, will Kristen’s carefully constructed house of cards come tumbling down? Across town, Kate finds herself fighting for her life!

How far will Sami go to help Lucas out of a jam? Let’s just say she’s about to reach deep into her old bag o’ tricks!

How will Claire react to the news Tripp shares with her about Allie?

Celebrate the 38th anniversary of Peter Reckell’s debut as Bo Brady with a tribute to the hero for whom we’re still holding out all these years later.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we salute the soap stars visited by the stork in 2021… and those who are *about* to be — plus, photos of your faves with *their* moms!

Get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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