Spoilers for the Week of April 19, 2021

04/22/2021 03:55 pm

sami orders lucas to seduce chloe days

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, April 19, to Friday, April 30. A seduction is planned, new tricks are put into motion and an emotional breakdown rocks one woman in Salem…

View a jam-packed gallery filled with 40 photos of various soap stars with their real-life sisters at daytime events, out on the town and in their homes.

Former Days of Our Lives star reunites with a Hallmark leading lady in the new Matchmaker Mysteries premiere — plus, take the Spot the Difference quiz!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of April 19:

Soapbox: Ranting over Days’ continued problem with consent, wondering if Philip and Gabi are the healthiest duo on the show, and questioning both Sami and Chanel’s plans.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, April 19:

Jan in a red coat shoots a gun on Days of Our Lives

In Monday’s Days recap, Jan flashes back to shooting Charlie but Belle is arrested for the crime, and Tripp admits to Steve he likes Allie.

For weeks, we’ve been eyeing everyone in Salem suspiciously… but at long last, today the truth will be revealed as Days lets us in on who really murdered Charlie Dale! Unable to watch live? Join us as we live-blog the episode.

Belle has to answer some tough questions when she lands in the hot seat, while Claire sees Allie in a new light when she comes to a realization about her gal pal.

Tripp and Kayla haven’t always had the best relationship, but he has a sweet surprise for his stepmom and her husband.

We have the season five premiere date for Hallmark’s hot summer series Chesapeake Shores, plus casting news — there’s going to be a new face in town!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, April 20:

Abigial annoyed with at Chad on Days of Our Lives

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Gwen decides to keep the baby, Abe fills Paulina in on her son-in-law, and Xander objects when Chanel suggests a divorce.

Chanel is the kinda person who thinks she knows how to work everyone around her. But Xander makes it clear that where he’s concerned, she made a major miscalculation. Meanwhile, Paulina isn’t thrilled with her daughter’s marriage. Something tells us when Abe fills her in on Xander’s history, the miffed mom’s not exactly going to be seeing her new son-in-law in a better light.

Gwen comes a decision regarding the baby she’s carrying. (Could Days be contemplating going where we recently said they’d never dare to?) Meanwhile, Chad and Abigail find themselves at odds about… well, Gwen, of course!

When Calls the Heart teasers for two weeks: A much-anticipated wedding causes emotional chaos for various couples — plus, a search party sets out to find a missing Hope Valley resident!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, April 21:

Chanel and Xander giddily plot on Days of Our Lives

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Ciara tells Ben she’s leaving Salem, Abigail tries to control her rage, and Chanel and Xander ask Paulina for ten million dollars.

Abigail’s been under a whole lotta pressure lately, thanks largely to newfound (and definitely unwanted) sister Gwen. When things finally get to be too much, Kayla is there for Abigail’s emotional breakdown.

Theo doesn’t want to look a gift kiss in the mouth, but he does have some questions for Ciara about the liplock they shared.

As Paulina hopes that Lani might provide her with some assistance, Chanel finds out exactly what kind of man she married when Xander turns the tables on her.

Who needs the All My Children reboot? Former Pine Valley heartthrob ‘holding auditions for my new boy band’.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, April 22:

Ben begs Ciara to stay in Salem on Days of Our Lives

In Thursday’s Days recap, Brady confesses to Chloe he has feelings for her but remains committed to Kristen, who is threatened by Vivian. Plus, Ben begs Ciara to stay in Salem and Lucas agrees to Sami’s plan.

Ben gets some majorly bad news when he finds out that Ciara is preparing not only to leave Salem, but to do so with Theo! It looks as if time is running out if Ben hopes to win back his true love.

When Brady confesses his feelings to Chloe, will she finally hear the words she’s been hoping for? And what will it mean when Vivian plays hardball with Kristen?

Sami and Lucas have always had a complicated relationship, so it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise when she orders him to seduce Chloe. But… yeah, we’re still sorta taken aback! Reflect on bygone days with Alison Sweeney as she looks back at 28 years of “Lumi.”

Another proud daddy moment for Brandon Barash, who is celebrating daughter Harper’s ‘fresh start’ with an especially colorful photo!

Three new Hallmark Channel premieres take one woman ‘Down Under’ and another to a famous ice hotel — plus, high school sweethearts reunite, all starting this weekend.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, April 23:

Chanel appeals to Paulina on Days of Our Lives

In Friday’s Days recap, Lucas tells Chloe he’s dying, Kristen knocks out Kate, and Xander’s negotiations with Paulina go from bad to worse.

How far will Kristen go in order to try and come between Jake and Kate? And will the fact she’s trying to do so while in her full Susan regalia make it even more of a challenge? Meanwhile, Gabi finds out exactly what Jake’s got planned and… well, it’s safe to say she isn’t thrilled.

Lucas is desperate to step up his plan where Chloe’s concerned… so wait until you hear the whopper of a lie he tells today!

Xander and Chanel may prove to be one heck of a scheme team as they set out to scam Paulina. Meanwhile, did this pair’s unexpected marriage actually set the stage for Sarah’s return? Here’s why we think that’s the case

Breaking News: As Days of our Lives stops taping new episodes, we have the latest update on its future.

After we published our countdown of soaps’ all-time best supercouples, you expressed… let’s say issues. We’ve now tried to address them and have come up with a revamped Top 30… which has actually expanded to a Top… 45?!? See how your favorite duos did in our new and possibly (?) improved photo gallery.

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