Spoilers for the Week of December 07, 2020

12/11/2020 03:22 pm

sarah spies on philip days

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday December 7 to Friday December 18. One girl stuns another with news, a big tantrum takes place, a home is invaded and more!

In our exclusive interview, Victoria Konefal discusses Ciara’s life before and after Ben, plus her plans for the future.

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of December 7:

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, unwanted guests, horrific discoveries, and a difficult diagnosis we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In the latest soap opera news, controversial opinions, sad farewells, and unexpected twists.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday December 7:

Tripp gets in between Steve and Ava on Days of Our Lives

In Monday’s Days recap, Ava wants the charges dropped against her, Philip sees Sarah sneaking around, and Nicole tells Abe about Ava.

Nicole is positively stunned when she hears the news Allie has to share.

Xander and Sarah’s plan to get the goods on Philip seems to be working. When Xander checks out the information that his girlfriend was able to download from his rival’s laptop, will they finally have what they need to prove what Philip’s been up to… and with whom? Meanwhile, even as the walls appear to be closing in on him, Philip is happily reunited with a familiar face from the past: Chloe!

When Ava hopes to strike a bargain with Steve, what, exactly, will she be bringing to the negotiating table?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday December 8:

Gwen has what can only be described as a major hissy fit today. And while we’re not sure what causes it, we can’t wait to see the bothered Brit melt down. At the same time, Chad thinks he has the goods on his brother when he catches Jake in a lie.

Abe presents Rafe with an offer. (Given that the mayor’s been looking for someone to fill Hope’s empty desk — and Shawn recently turned him down — might Rafe be filling the position?)

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday December 9:

Abigail and Chad argue at the DiMera mansion Days of Our Lives

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Kayla goes ballistic upon finding Ava alive, as Chad says some very hurtful things to Abigail.

Casting! Jackée Harry joins Days of Our Lives in a fabulous new role.

Just when Kayla thought her life couldn’t get more complicated, she finds Ava casually hanging out and making herself right at home!

Even as Tripp continues to proclaim his innocence, Nicole reads the young man the riot act. Meanwhile, Allie reunites with her former stepdad, Rafe.

Gwen’s manipulations are having a ripple effect all across Salem today. First, she works to try and prevent Jennifer from weakening toward — let along reuniting with — Jack. Then, it appears that her efforts to come between Chad and Abigail are paying off when he actually accuses his wife of having an affair with Jake.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday December 10:

Ava takes Tripp home on Days

In Thursday’s Days recap, Tripp’s hurt by Steve’s revelation, Gwen continues to cause issues, and Bonnie stuns Justin.

What with Ava being alive and well and getting under Kayla’s skin, it’s not surprising that Steve and his Sweetness pay their jailed son, Joey, a visit. After all, if Ava’s alive, then he probably shouldn’t be behind bars for killing her.

Jake’s current and former lover butt heads, with both Kate and Gwen taking turns issuing threats at one another. Meanwhile, Jennifer finds herself suspecting that Kate’s fling with Jack may not be as over as they both insist.

Look for a few wires to get crossed where Bonnie and Justin are concerned.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday December 11:

Philip kisses Sarah on Days of Our Lives

In Friday’s Days recap, Philip kisses Sarah, who recognizes Ava, who has a strong reaction to hearing about London. Plus, Joey is freed and Kate offers Allie a solution.

When Allie needs advice as to what her next move should be, she turns to Kate.

How will Xander react when Charlie comes to him with a confession? Meanwhile, Sarah makes a shocking discovery about Philip’s partner! Has she uncovered the truth?

Joey’s going to be in for a bit of a shock when he finds out the woman he killed is alive and well and stirring up trouble in Salem.

Get all the latest Days of Our Lives exits and returns in one place!

When a beloved daytime drama was cancelled, its fans had salt rubbed in their wounds as the network boss said “only the special soaps are going to survive.” Relive the diss felt ’round the world and dive into a massive photo album full of rare pictures and bittersweet memories.

– Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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