Spoilers for the Week of August 31, 2020

09/04/2020 03:42 pm

victor is faced with a difficult decision DAYS

Soaps.com has the latest Days of our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday August 31 to Friday September 11. Two people return to Salem, a battle ignites, a shocking confession, an unexpected intruder and more…

Days of our Lives spoilers week of August 31:

In the Days of our Lives fall spoiler video, huge returns are teased, including Jan Spears and JJ Deveraux.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, big returns, disturbing suggestions & fall previews, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday August 31:

Philip and Kate catch up on Days of our Lives

In Monday’s Days recap, Will and Sonny say goodbye to their families, Marlena feels alone until Brady shows up, and Xander and Philip demand an answer from Victor.

While sitting vigil with John, Marlena is reunited with a loved one. Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) returns to Salem.

Philip reunites with Kate and Lucas.

Bonnie comforts Justin after he discovers Sonny is leaving Salem.

Victor is faced with a difficult decision.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday September 1:

In Tuesday’s Days recap, there are two surprise witnesses in court – Victor and Jan Spears!sami surprise witness court days

Philip and Xander battle for the title of Titan CEO.

Sami brings in a surprise witness to bolster her case.

A gallery filled with the ‘First Husband’s Club’ which showcase 10 famous soap stars’ original spouses.

Brady and Marlena catch up.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday September 2:

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Jan has proof Nicole asked her to murder Victor, which harms Nicole and Eric’s case in court, while Ben remembers what happened to Ciara.ciara kidnapped by vincent days

Shawn and Belle are confronted by an old foe.

Marlena helps Ben get answers.

Ciara’s fate is revealed.

Nicole takes a major hit in court.

Eileen Davidson clears up rumors about returning to Young and Restless and Days of our Lives.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday September 3:

belle slaps sami days

In Thursday’s Days recap, Ciara learns Vincent was in love with Ben’s victim Wendy, Belle slaps Sami over Jan, and Brady and Eric catch up.

Vincent makes a shocking confession to Ciara.

Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) returns to Salem!

Ben recalls a key piece of information.

Belle and Sami have a huge showdown.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday September 4:

abby returns days sees chad hug gwen

In Friday’s Days recap, Abby finds Chad consoling Gwen, Lani stops Eli from putting an APB out on Kristen, and Tripp crashes into Steve and Kayla’s living room.

Steve and Kayla are surprised by an intruder. Their son, Tripp! Lucas Adams returns in the role.

Eli is upset to learn Lani is helping Kristen.

Kristen and Brady argue about her coming to Salem.

Gwen tries to play on Chad’s sympathies.

Abigail returns to Salem, Chad and their children. Marci Miller is back in the role.

In the Days of our Lives spoiler video, a huge explosion rocks Salem leaving one person possibly dead.

Fall Previews for Days:

According to Soap Digest, Sami calls a surprise witness to testify against Nicole during the custody battle – one that will turn the whole hearing upside down. Contacting this witness will affect many people in Sami’s life.

Days of our Lives fall casting:

Read how long Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) and others will be returning for in the Days of our Lives comings & goings and learn who will be leaving the NBC soap along with Kassie DePaiva (Eve).

– Amy Mistretta


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