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Spoilers for the Week of December 16, 2019

12/20/2019 01:24 pm

rafe questions hope as gina at salem pd days of our lives has the latest Days of our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead. Will can’t stand the guilt in regards to Adrienne’s death and goes to great lengths to ensure Sonny has a good future. While Rafe is on the hunt for the evil doctor, Roman becomes suspicious of Kate – as does Victor of Ciara – and someone surprises Stefano. Plus, John is faced with an ultimatum…

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of December 16:

In the latest Deconstructing DOOL, Christine finds Eric sanctimonious and hypocritical, questions Gabi’s threat level, and has a low threshold for grieving.

Love triangles, a time jump, drawn out storylines, and the use of beloved vets! Relive the memorable moments in soaps 2019.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, secrets, sacrifices & revenge, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Alison Sweeney, Justin Hartley & Jen Lilley.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday December 16:

Stefano kiss gina days of our livesIn Monday’s Days recap, Will ends his marriage to Sonny, Stefano throws Rolf under the bus for Gina, and Xander demands Ciara bring him proof she wasn’t snooping.

Will makes a difficult sacrifice for Sonny’s happiness.

Clyde reams Ben out for betraying him.

Ciara’s mission to find the truth is thwarted by Xander.

Eve is cleared when new evidence is discovered.

Hallmark reversed a discriminatory advertising decision following online outrage over the weekend.

Soaps Roundup: Last week’s cliffhanger highlights for Days of our Lives storylines featured a secret revealed.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday December 17:

Susan Seaforth Hayes, Eric Martsolf"Days of our Lives" SetNBC StudiosBurbank05/8/19© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 13745U.S.Airdate 12/17/19In Tuesday’s Days recap, Marlena demands John kick ‘Hope’ out, Brady learns Kristen was in a convent, and Haley urges JJ to fight.

Marlena gives John an ultimatum about “Hope.”

Lani and Kristen hatch a plan to win back what is rightfully theirs.

Julie cares for JJ as he struggles with sobriety.

Chad confronts Kate about Stefano.

Top 5 moments from Jen Lilley’s Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday Hallmark movie.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday December 18:

In Wednesday’s Days recap, John rejects Gina, Rafe finds Stefano’s loft, and Jenn watches the footage of Rolf.

Rafe attempts to hunt down Rolf.

Jack comforts an unsettled Jennifer.

Marlena confides in a guilty Kate.

Gina is upset by John’s decision.

Casting news… Kassie DePaiva to exit Days of our Lives as Eve Donovan.

Y&R alum Linden Ashby stars in and directs LMN thriller Escaping My Stalker.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday December 19:

ciara caught by victor days of our livesIn Thursday’s Days recap, Stefano lurks around Kayla, Evan confesses a toxic relationship to Sonny, and Victor has someone watching Ciara.

Victor becomes suspicious of Ciara.

Gina is put on the hot seat when Rafe finds her in the secret lair.

Kate gets under Kayla’s skin.

Evan and Sonny grow closer.

In this week’s Last Blast Reunion recap, Philip’s devastated upon visiting Chloe, and Belle discovers Kevin’s been murdered.

Last Blast Reunion teaser clip: Shawn confronts Belle over Philip.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday December 20:

Roman holds boot up to Kate on Days of our LivesIn Friday’s Days recap, Rafe finds Gina’s tiara, Marlena comes to Kate’s room where Stefano is hiding, and Kristen and Lani reel Gabi in.

Roman realizes Kate is hiding someone in her room.

Gabi is stunned when she receives a call from Kristen.

Abigail questions Eli’s feelings for Gabi.

Stefano gets a surprise visitor.

Ambitions’ exciting season one finale ended with Titus flatlining, Hunter shooting up Stephen’s “retirement” party, and a thought-to-be-dead Damian rising from the ashes.

In the weekly Days spoiler video Kayla spots Steve at the hospital’s Christmas celebration, while other families across Salem enjoy the holidays.

Days of our Lives fall casting:

Sarah and Eric left town to seek help for Mickey, which means Linsey Godfrey and Greg Vaughan exited Days temporarily.

Look for new characters Joe and Jeanne Marie to appear when actors take on small 2020 spring dayplayer Days roles.

– Amy Mistretta


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