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Spoilers for the Week of May 13, 2019

05/17/2019 05:00 pm

sarah comforts eric over nicole on days of our lives has the latest Days of our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead, plus May Sweeps. Lani refuses to allow Ben near baby David and tells a lie in order to keep him away. While Brady makes a deal with the devil, Hope is dealt with, and Rafe receives some shocking documents. Plus, many are surprised when the mayor of Salem is finally announced, and a startling secret comes to light…

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Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of May 13:

In the latest Deconstructing DOOL, Eve was an affront to women everywhere, Kayla was the hero of the week, and gossipy Vic was a blast.

In the weekly Days spoiler video, Melinda pulls a gun on Jenn after a huge reveal – and JJ punches Jack!

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, stunning returns & tested loyalties, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday May 13:

rafe lani david park days of our livesIn Monday’s Days recap, Hope calls Belle for help with her divorce, Eric is surprised to learn Sarah still plans to marry Rex, and Brady tries to bargain with Xander for the tape of Nicole’s confession.

Lani lies to Ciara to keep Ben away from David.

Hope sees Rafe has taken off his wedding ring and decides to start divorce proceedings.

Xander reveals he still has leverage over Nicole.

Sarah comforts Eric over Nicole freezing him out.

Val, Caroline, and Kayla are just a couple of the soap opera moms we love in Salem. Who are some or your other favorites and least favorites? Join the conversation over on Instagram.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday May 14:

xander and brady talk deals days of our livesIn Tuesday’s Days recap, Will learns Dr. Rolf’s serum might be the cause of his tumor, Xander is revealed to have Dr. Rolf’s diary, and Nicole tells Sarah if she wants Eric, she can have him.

Brady makes a deal with Xander to get Nicole a divorce.

Sonny and Will are surprised to learn what caused Will’s tumor.

Sarah tries to speak with Nicole on Eric’s behalf.

Stefan rejects Gabi.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday May 15:

claire outted by tripp days of our livesIn Wednesday’s Days recap, Melinda declares Haley is her daughter as she’s about to be deported, Claire reluctantly confesses to Tripp who dumps her, and Rafe signs the divorce papers after considering he might be the problem.

Rafe gets divorce papers from Hope.

Haley and JJ have an emotional moment as they learn her fate.

Tripp realizes Claire is in cahoots with Eve.

JJ attacks Jack, who tries to reach out to him.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday May 16:

In Thursday’s Days recap, Jack fires Hope, as Ted takes a stand, and Tripp helps Haley and JJ escape the law.

The mayoral election results are announced, and there is a surprising winner.

Hope is fired!

Ciara comforts a devastated Claire.

Melinda drops a bombshell on Haley.

Update: Alison Sweeney tapes new Chronicle Mysteries movie for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday May 17:

nicole angry eric days of our livesIn Friday’s Days recap, Xander and Nicole are revealed to be partners, Melinda wants Jack and Eve dead, and Haley wonders why Melinda didn’t want to be her mom.

A stunning secret is revealed.

JJ and Haley go on the run.

Xander makes the moves on Sarah.

Nicole rips into Chloe.

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Thanking fans for their support, Stephen Nichols revealed he’s back at Days taping scenes.

Days of our Lives May Sweeps:

Haley has a shocking announcement.

Ben and Ciara go on a quest to find who set that cabin fire and they get very close to Claire, whose insecurities have manifested themselves in an unhealthy way. If she lashes out at Haley – what will it do to JJ and Tripp?

Will’s health worsens and it turns out it’s not just a regular tumor Will has. It’s a side effect from Dr. Rolf’s cure. John, Marlena, Sarah and Rex search through Dr. Rolf’s research to find a cure but Rolf’s research doesn’t make a lot of sense, and some of it is unavailable to them.

Kristen DiMera is alive and out there. has learned that Stacy Haiduk will be returning to Days of our Lives.

– Amy Mistretta


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