Spoilers for the Week of December 31, 2018

01/04/2019 05:10 pm

jack is alive new years 2018

Soaps.com has the latest Days of our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead, plus holiday programming alerts. Emotions run high for Jennifer, Abigail and JJ with the reveal that Jack is alive. While Rafe makes a big arrest, Hope picks the worst time possible to inform Ciara of Ben’s misdoings.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of December 31:

In the weekly Days spoiler video, Jack's alive and returns to Salem with no memory, plus passion ignites for Ben and Ciara.

In this week's Spoiler Digest, 2019 previews and shocking returns, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Drake Hogestyn, Elizabeth Hendrickson, and Ross Moss.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday December 31:

In Monday's DOOL recap, Jack and Jennifer's reunion leaves her devastated, while Eli and Lani celebrate the New Year in private.

Jennifer and JJ's lives are turned upside down.

Surprise return! Jack is alive with Matthew Ashford returning to Days!

Eve crashes the New Year’s Eve party and lashes out at the people she feels have done her wrong.

A special guest arrives at Doug's Place.

Eli and Lani have a very special New Year's Eve.

Soaps Roundup: Days of our Lives storyline highlights from last week’s episodes feature a New Year's return.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday January 1:

Days of our Lives will not be seen today.

Most annoying character, biggest plot twist... read how Days of our Lives ranked in Soaps.com's Best and Worst of Soaps 2018.

Catch up on all the casting news on the soaps for December.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday January 2:

In Wednesday's Days recap, Abigail's heartbroken when Jack doesn't remember her, Sonny gets some dirt on Leo, and Eve meets a mystery person.

Abigail is reunited with Jack.

JJ rips into Eve.

Rafe and Hope clash over Gabi's actions.

Will and Sonny realize Leo may have an Achilles' heel.

Baby announcement! Farah Fath Galfond gives birth and reveals first baby photo.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday January 3:

In Thursday's Days recap, Jenn and Jack kiss, Abby decides Gabi's fate & Eve's accomplice is revealed to be Xander.

Jennifer tries to get through to Jack.

Eve's partner in crime is revealed.

Xander is back in Salem when Paul Telfer returns to Days.

Abigail helps decide Gabi's fate.

Chad gets advice from Julie about winning back Abigail’s forgiveness.

Photos and videos! Days stars ring in 2019 with resolutions and wishes for the new year.

New details! Beverly Hills 90210 won't be a reboot but rather a mockumentary.

Just in... All My Children alum Denise Vasi revealsd second pregnancy, opens up about fears.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday January 4:

In Friday's Days recap, Rafe attacks Stefan and arrests him, Eve and Jack make out, and Gabi is released.

In this week's Deconstructing DOOL, Cyclone Eve's return had Salemitse thunderstruck.

Rafe arrests Stefan for espionage!

Hope interrupts Ben and Ciara’s date to tell her daughter about Ben’s role in Gabi’s abduction.

Jack confronts Eve about lying to him.

Abigail blasts Chad for betraying her trust.

Romantic premieres feature Days alums Jen Lilley and Trevor Donovan in Hallmark's Winterfest movies.

SOD 2019 Days previews from Ron Carlivati:

Jack’s absence, where he’s been and what he’s been through will be explained.

Chad vows to win Abigail back.


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