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Spoilers for the Week of July 30, 2018

08/03/2018 05:59 pm

jenn stands outside of doug's place has the latest Days of our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead. Ben is knocked out, as a major bombshell is revealed to one Salemite, which puts her in a very bad situation… Especially in the face of a marriage proposal. While Chad makes a mistake, Gabi furthers her revenge plot and seeks out a new ally. Plus, the author of the threatening notes is uncovered.

In this week’s Deconstructing DOOL, we talk whiners, bad cops and issues investing.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 30:

In the weekly Days spoiler video, Eric proposes to Jenn while Ben gets knocked over the head by Claire.

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, rage, revenge, and rifts, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday July 30:

In Monday’s Claire hits Ben with a frying pan when she finds him at her loft, while Victor confesses what he did to set up Theresa, and Brady and Eric make amends.

Claire knocks Ben out! claire hits ben

Jennifer confronts Victor and Eve about having drugs planted at JJ’s apartment.

Brady is tempted to tell Eric the truth about Nicole leaving town.

Eli supports Lani on her first day back at work.

Watch the video of Farah Fath’s baby gender reveal.

Soaps Roundup on the Days of our Lives storyline and highlights from last week’s soap episodes.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday July 31:adrienne hires steve

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Marlena worries when Sami doesn’t RSVP to her wedding, Rafe and Hope kick Ben out of Ciara’s loft, and Adrienne hires Steve to find Bonnie.

Eve stuns Jennifer with a bombshell that could affect her relationship with Eric.

Ben’s time with Ciara is interrupted when Hope and Rafe burst in with guns drawn.

Marlena realizes a key guest has not RSVP’d to her and John’s wedding.

Adrienne visits Steve and hires him to look for Bonnie.

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Unless big changes are made, B&B, Days, GH and Y&R threaten to boycott the Daytime Emmy Awards.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday August 1:

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Kate’s contrite as she double-crosses Chad and steals intel for Stefan, and Jennifer and JJ learn Abby’s pregnant.

Chad unknowingly plays right into Stefan’s hands.

Jennifer debates whether or not to tell Eric the true reason why Nicole left town.

Eve and Brady vow to help Stefan destroy Titan.

Gabi witnesses a secret meeting between Kate and Stefan.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday August 2:

In Thursday’s Days recap, Eric proposes and Jenn accepts but not after first having to think on it, while Kate and Gabi team up and Chad and Abby agree to therapy.

Eric proposes to Jennifer.

Gabi confesses her scheme to Kate, hoping to gain an ally.

Chad continues to struggle with Abigail having Stefan’s baby, but agrees to try to work things out.

Steve and Kayla celebrate his release from the hospital.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday August 3:

In Friday’s Days recap, John romances Marlena with strawberries and love-making, while Jenn admits to Kayla she has a secret, and Sonny receives another mysterious letter.

In this week’s Deconstructing Days, Gabi’s revenge story intensifies as romance blossoms in Salem.

Sonny and Will discover who is behind the threatening notes about Leo’s death.

Brady presses Jennifer to tell him who planted the drugs.

Eric shares exciting news with Marlena.

Anticipating his wedding to Marlena, John asks Paul for his help.

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