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Spoilers for the Week of March 12, 2018

03/16/2018 05:41 am

It’s that time again, Spoiler Saturday, where brings Days of our Lives fans some revealing details to the upcoming storylines. If you’d rather watch it unfold on TV, turn away… if not, romance is in the air, plus Gabi confronts ‘the other woman’ – and we don’t mean the one running around Salem disguised in her clothes! Oh, there’s too much to tease, so carry on…

Week of March 12:

The coming week’s Days promo: Stefan forces Gabigail to admit she’s really Abby, not a real person, and Abigail sees Andre…but considering he’s dead, it must be a flashback. Unless he’s alive and since this is a soap, anything is possible!

In this week’s Spoiler digest, mangled marriage and mystery character we have spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and Beautiful, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.Episode # 13296

Monday March 12:

Monday’s Days recap: Sonny goes nuts finding PaulSon half naked together, Eve tells Brady to go to hell, John shares a tender moment with Will, and Victor tries to win Maggie back.

Brady’s nuptials to Eve come to a grinding halt.

Steve and Kayla have a touching moment as they deal with his medical condition.

Will and Paul share a kiss!

Maggie gives Victor an ultimatum.

Today, Alexander Trumble appears as Brady’s Pub bartender, a hot guy who piques Sonny’s interest. Could this be someone who can help Sonny’s pain of losing Will?Episode # 13297

Tuesday March 13:

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Jenn suggests Brady really does love Eve, after she learns what went down with their cancelled wedding, while Maggie and Victor finally make up.

Ciara and Tripp grow closer and finally kiss.

Brady reels from the fallout of his non-wedding to Eve.

Claire is stunned by Ciara’s news.

Adrienne has a warm reunion with Steve.

Wednesday March 14:

Wednesday’s Days recap has Dr. Laura taking over for Abigail and putting a stop to her session with Kayla who is trying to get an MRI for her neice, plus, Gabi confronts Lani about her one-nighter with Eli, and Val gets more worked up over JJ and Lani’s impending wedding.

Big news, and first look photo, has Alison Sweeney returning to Days again as Sami Brady, which should be interesting since each time Sami returns to Salem, all hell breaks loose!

Gabi lays into Lani about her one-night stand with Eli.

Abigail seeks help from Kayla.

Chad searches Stefan’s office and finds incriminating evidence.

Valerie tries to talk JJ out of marrying Lani until the baby arrives.

Episode # 13298

Thursday March 15:

In Thursday’s Days recap Chad gives Andre’s cell to the police, but worries that Trask will get her hands on it, Eli has second thoughts about letting JJ bring his child up, and Jennifer snoops and learns Abigail has memory issues.

Coming soon! The trailer for Tyler Christopher’s sci-fi film, F.R.E.D.I. is out with a sneak peek at him playing a divorced dad of a teen boy who bonds with a very special robot.

Chad confides in Kate his concerns about Abigail.

A vulnerable Gabby opens up to Stefan, and she makes a bold decision.

JJ calls Valerie on her negativity towards him and Lani.

Eli lays down the law with Julie.

Friday March 16:

Friday’s Days recap has Gabigail fooling Kayla and Jennifer by pretending she’s Abigail, Stefan covering his tracks and lying about how he came across Andre’s cell phone, while Brady uses the Face of Bella to try to get Eve back.

Last week’s Days column on Sonny’s pain over Will moving on with Paul, Claire vs. Ciara for the Face of Bella, Maggie and Victor’s forced reunion, that dreaded DID storyline, and more.

Determined to win her back, Brady gives Eve an ultimatum.

Gabby is forced to pretend to be Abigail in front of Kayla and Jennifer.

Lani and Chad confront Stefan about Andre’s phone.

Tripp disapproves of Ciara’s plan to get back at Claire.

Coming up:

It looks as though we’ll be seeing Sami Brady back in town since it’s been announced that Alison Sweeney will return to Days. Let’s hope Sami and Will bond a bit more this time around.

JJ will learn the truth faster than we suspected. During Gabi’s trial, Lani must explain exactly what happened when she found Gabi trying to get rid of the DiMera Enterprises ID and the colorful coat. When she admits that Gabi asked her to look the other way, Justin asks why she’d do that. Lani admits to the room that she had sex with Eli. JJ, who is at the trial, punches Eli and Lani’s forced to explain that her baby is Eli’s not his.

Vivian hires someone surprising.

Chloe has an admirer.

Paul and Will’s romance is stepped up some.

Chloe and Lucas do some ice skating as they had planned before she left for NYC.

Kate gets into a confrontation with Stefan.

Steve is able to get John to accept his forgiveness.

Tuesday March 27:

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Wednesday May 30:

More: Jaime Lyn Bauer returns as Laura

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