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Spoilers for the Week of February 12, 2018

02/16/2018 09:04 am

Week of February 12:

Days promo: Billie’s Shocking Return

Please note that “Days of our Lives” will be preempted in CT, MT and PT during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Full Days episodes can be found here, and of course right after each episode airs, readers can find Days of our lives recaps here.

Monday February 12:

Days recap: Trask files Murder One charges

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Hope is curious about Carrie’s reaction to her and Rafe’s wedding invitation.

While speaking with Rafe and Eli, Abigail reluctantly implicates Gabi.

Kate discovers a shocking scene at the DiMera Mausoleum.

Marlena questions John’s behavior.

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Tuesday February 13:

Days recap: Billie’s back with secrets

Abigail and Stefan share a moment.

John attempts to inject Steve with another dose.

Claire confronts Ciara about the secret she shared with Tripp.

Kate is reunited with Billie, who has a mysterious reason for being in town.

Ron Carlivati was interviewed by SOD and brought up Lisa Rinna’s return to Days as Billie, stating, “Billie pays Salem a visit for mysterious reasons and it will connect to the story with John and Steve. She has a big piece of the puzzle of why John is doing this to Steve and will have a hand in exposing it.

Wednesday February 14:

Days recap: Valentine’s Day comes to Salem

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Eric figures out he and Jennifer have had a misunderstanding.

There’s love in the air in Salem!

Rafe and Hope escape to Smith Island for a romantic night.

Eve helps Brady out of a sticky situation.

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Thursday February 15:

Days recap: JJ asks Lani to marry him

Eric wants another chance with Jennifer but will he get it?

Stefan continues to get under Chad and Abigail’s skin.

Eli comforts Gabi and promises to exonerate her.

JJ asks Lani a very important question!

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Friday February 16:

Days recap: Stefan finds Abby disguised as Gabi

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Billie saves John’s life.

JJ and Lani celebrate their engagement with Eli and Gabi.

Stefan finds an unexpected intruder in his room.

Steve makes a shocking discovery from his hospital bed!

Week of February 19:

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Monday February 19:

Stefan sees Abigail in a new light.

John admits the truth to Steve, Kayla, and Marlena.

Tuesday February 20:

A hostage situation turns deadly.

Wednesday February 21:

Maggie learns of Victor and Brady’s plan.

Thursday February 22:

Lucas has a warm moment with Will.

Friday February 23:

Brady makes a confession to Eve.

Coming up:

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Soap Digest Days previews:

According to Ron Carlivati, “As the month unfolds, Stefan makes a stunning discovery.”

Billie is a cleaner for the ISA.

John tells ISA he shot and killed Will and Paul and then a man from the ISA takes a shot at him.

As for Eric and Jennifer, “Everything will come to a head in a nice romantic way,” which could happen around Valentine’s Day.

Lastly, on Brady and Eve he says, “It’s only a matter of time before Maggie gets wind of what’s going on. She is very troubled by it and feels Victor and Brady’s plan is unnecessarily cruel and she starts to assert herself with Victor in a way we’ve never seen her do before.”

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