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Spoilers for the Week of November 06, 2017

11/10/2017 09:09 am

Week of November 6:

Days promo: Paul Can’t Marry Sonny

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paul-call-john-days-nbcMonday November 6:

Days recap: Paul knows Will is alive but keeps it a secret from everyone

In Memphis, Sami, Marlena and John demand answers about whether or not Will is alive.

Conflicted Paul makes a surprising decision about Will.

Chad offers Abigail a job.

Tripp interrupts a secretive meeting between Kate and Theo.

Tuesday November 7:

Days recap: Eve claims to be Basic Black’s new CEO then is accused of murder

Eve has another unexpected revelation for Victor and Brady.

Episode # 13211Eric and Brady have a tense run-in.

Kate presents Gabi with a lucrative opportunity.

Eli and Rafe clash on their first day as partners at the PD.

Wednesday November 8:

Congratulations to Days of our Lives on their 52nd anniversary!

Days recap: Kate learns Tripp’s terrible secret

Gabi tells Chad and Abigail they could be working together.

Eve denies murdering Deimos as Brady tells Rafe and Eli he has proof.

Kate is intrigued when she overhears a private conversation between Kayla and Steve.

Theo’s plan to help Claire backfires.

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Thursday November 9:

Days recap: Eve’s alibi proves she didn’t kill Deimos

Sami has a surprising request for Rafe.

Eve desperately tries to extricate herself from Brady’s trap.

Chad confronts Andre about sabotaging the company.

Chloe tries to get Lucas to stop drowning his sorrows.

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Friday November 10:

Days recap: JJ shoots Theo

Rafe and Sami get shocking news about Will.

Tripp confides his growing affection for Claire to Steve.

A tragic shooting occurs. JJ’s going to live out a cop’s worst nightmare that has a ripple effect on the town.

Paul makes a confession to Sonny.

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Week of November 13:

Monday November 13:

Sonny and Sami find Will!

Tuesday November 14:

Sami and Sonny are stunned by Will’s revelation.

Wednesday November 15:

As Chad rips into Andre, Kate tries to cover her tracks.

Thursday November 16:

Valerie makes a difficult confession to Abe.

Friday November 17:

Paul confides in John about his deception.

Gabi receives incredible news.

Fall Sweeps and teasers from Ron Carlivati and SOD:

Marlena tries to get through to Will.

Sonny sees Will but WIll doesn’t recognize Sonny. Sonny tries to jog his estranged husband’s mind with a kiss but Will shoves him away. After Will hears from everyone about who he is, he runs away. Arianna’s name sparks something in Will, so Sonny feels there is hope.

Brady and Eve face off.

Hope is upset with Rafe.

Chad receives devastating news and blames Andre for it.

Eric comforts Jennifer. Eric and Jennifer renew their friendship. They have a history together so the “Days” head writer, Ron Carlivati, previews that “you have to wonder if that is going to come back to the surface.”

It’s not necessarily Sonny or Sami who see Will first in Memphis.

Eve reveals she’s Mrs. Deimos Kiriakis. She’ll be a “real headache” for Victor, Maggie, and Brady.

Justin and Adrienne reunite.

There’s “some outside interloper” who is one step ahead of Kate in sabotaging DiMera. Andre’s the big suspect currently. Steve and Kayla come in direct conflict with Kate.

Chloe and Lucas possibly could connect on a deeper level than friendship.

Tripp is into Claire.

Ron C wanted to keep Gabi “in the DiMera orbit” though Chad has made his choice and is in love with Abigail. Abby and Gabi are trying to move beyond the unease.

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