Spoilers for the Week of September 18, 2017

09/22/2017 08:53 am

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Week of September 18:

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Monday September 18:

Days recap: Will can’t get Lucas to stop drinking

Sonny confides in Chad his conflicted feelings about Will.

Lucas pours his heart out to Will.

Kate and Jennifer comfort each other over Lucas’ downward spiral.

Abigail shares her empathy with Gabi over the tough spot she is in regarding the double wedding.

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Tuesday September 19:

Days recap: Eric tries to kiss Nicole

Nicole’s finds herself drawn to Eric as they work together at the Horton Center.

Brady is furious when he learns Eric has feelings for Nicole.

Abe begins a search for a new Salem PD commissioner.

Chloe and Julie find themselves at odds.

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Wednesday September 20:

Days recap: Nicole tells Abe she has feelings for Eric

Days releases DOOLMoji app

Chloe and Julie form an unlikely partnership.

Lucas’s loved ones confront him about his drinking.

Brady stuns Eric with his demand.

Nicole makes a confession to Abe.

Thursday September 21:

Days recap: Rafe and Hope vie for the police commissioner’s job

Spotlight on Doug’s Place

Chloe warns Eric of the mistake she made.

Abigail throws Chad for a loop with her pre-wedding decision.

Gabi realizes why Eli was fired.

As candidates for the commissioner job, Hope and Rafe are put in a tricky position.

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Friday September 22:

Days recap: Nicole’s shocked when she hears Eric left town

Deconstructing DOOL: Our hearts were warmed, then ripped out, then warmed and so on

Brady indicates to Sonny he may not be willing to give up the CEO position.

Eric makes a surprising move.

Abigail and Chad’s wedding plans hit a snag.

Sonny is disturbed by a dream he has about Will.


Fall Sweeps from Ron Carlivati and SOD:

We’ll see love, surprises, mystery and adventure. There are a few big returns, and some heartwarming stories coming.

Eric decides to leave Salem and Nicole’s reaction brings things to a head.

Bonnie’s still moving on with her plan to take Victor from Maggie.

Rafe and Hope’s relationship is tested. Abe suggests they both vie for the commissioner’s job.


Gabi finds her own way separate from Chad and Abby, taking the high road. She connects with Eli. “Will that grow into something more?”


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