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Spoilers for the Week of October 17, 2016

10/21/2016 02:26 pm

Week of October 17:

Exclusive interview: Four Days of our Lives actors spoil drama to come for their characters

Soapbox: Deconstructing DOOL: Low ratings despite exciting explosions and flirtations

Spoilers! Days spoiler promo: Orpheus plans to blow up the pub with Salemites inside

Monday October 17:

Days Recap: Xander is out and Orpheus reveals his latest move

Deimos arrives with surprising news about Xander.

Hope is still wrecked over her guilt and the situation with Aiden.

Orpheus reveals his plan to John which puts many lives in danger.

While JJ is out dealing with the unrest, Gabi and Chad bond, growing closer.

Tuesday October 18:

Days Recap: A bomb scare and a shooting

With his family and friends in danger, John quickly decides to give himself up to save Marlena, Hope and Jennifer.

Hope calls Rafe for help, which requires Rafe to recruit Eduardo.

Steve learns about the situation at the Pub and has to sneak out of the hospital to try to help.

Gabi calls JJ just as his life is put in danger.

Wednesday October 19:

Days Recap: Terrible Trio storyline ends with Orpheus’ death

Steve and John have a major showdown with Orpheus.

Marlena shares an emotional reunion with John.

Justin races across town to check on Adrienne.

Lucas reluctantly provides shelter for an unexpected visitor. Anne, who as reported in SOD, has a crush on Lucas.

Just In! Tika Sumpter stars in CBS’ The 313

Thursday October 20:

Days Recap: Blanca’s boyfriend find her, and Victor retires

Nicole warns Chloe she cannot keep the paternity secret for much longer.

Theresa confesses to Brady the truth behind Xander’s incarceration.

Dario’s breakfast with Blanca is interrupted by the arrival of her ex-boyfriend from Mexico.

Maggie’s doctor insists that she is fully healed and that her inability to walk is psychological.

Friday October 21:

Days recap: Deimos blows up after learning Chloe has lied to him

Deconstructing DOOL has fans in two camps over Kayla’s acceptance of Steve

Grey’s Anatomy recap: Somebody could be pregnant!

Nicole reveals to Deimos that Chloe is indeed carrying his child.

Chad tells Adrienne and Lucas he’s ready to take care of Thomas on his own.

Jennifer is curious when she hears JJ murmuring in his sleep.

Sonny tries to talk to Paul about the “moment” they shared, but a face from Paul’s past interrupts them. (Could be Derrick, the bellhop, who turns up again in Salem.)

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Comings and goings teasers:

Various familiar faces are returning to “Days” in an upcoming big storyline such as Leann Hunley (Anna), Patsy Pease (Kim), Charles Shaughnessy (Shane), Patrika Darbo (Nancy) and Larry Poindexter (Father Louis) around the beginning of November. Details are in the’s Days comings and goings.

Ken Corday stated that Abigail will return after Christmas.

Find late- breaking Days of our Lives news, and who else is returning and leaving Days.

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