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Spoilers for the Week of August 29, 2016

09/01/2016 02:06 pm

Soapbox: Back from the break and loving DA Aiden but still unsure of who Deimos is

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Week of August 29:

Spoiler Video: Nicole looks for the truth

Monday August 29:

Days recap: Kayla thinks it’s time she ended things with Steve

Kayla urges Joey to stick with therapy, tells him she and Steve are also going.

Eduardo gathers the family together, tells Gabi of his decision to leave Salem.

Paul runs into Sonny, invites him to lunch.

Joey tracks Jade down, apologizes, says he loves her and wants her in his life.

Deimos tells Nicole he is going to pull out all the stops to try and help Victor.

Tuesday August 30:

Days recap: Kate buys the Martin House, and Victor agrees with Deimos – they’re both being set up

Kate buys the B&B from Doug and Julie and promptly evicts all the guests.

Chloe and Philip plot how they’ll tell everyone their story that she is pregnant with his baby.

Deimos is suspicious of Chloe.

Victor’s released on bail and heads home to see Maggie, whose recovery is advancing.

Hope goes to the station to confront Aiden about how he stole the job as D.A. away from Justin.

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Wednesday August 31:

Salemites mourn Abigail who seems to be just as upset…

Gabi and Sonny catch up and later visit Will’s grave.

Adrienne, Lucas, Doug, and Julie all gather at the Horton House to support Jennifer over Abigail’s death.

Claire seeks romantic advice from Belle and is a little twigged when she finds Ciara and Theo together.

Chad says goodbye to Abigail in his own way.

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Thursday September 1:

Days Recap: Deimos hires Dario to spy on Chloe

Deimos tries to make amends to Justin, but Justin declines.

Brady doesn’t want to believe his grandfather could have taken Tate, but all the evidence suggests otherwise.

Nicole gets Chloe to admit that Deimos is her unborn baby’s father.

Deimos gives Dario the job of spying on Chloe.

Friday September 2:

Days recap: Adrienne and Lucas will care for Thomas

Friday’s Soapbox: Soapbox: Old school soapy goodness, the outlandish and the big bad DiMera

Jennifer is stunned to see Laura (Jaime Lyn Bauer) arrive on her doorstep with news about Abigail…

Chad speaks to Abigail’s spirit in a chapel, hoping to find guidance.

Lucas and Adrienne stop by and ask Jennifer to help with their upcoming wedding.

In an attempt to forget Belle, Philip throws himself into his work and at Chloe, who is receptive to his kiss.

Claire is excited by Chloe’s offer to pitch the idea of using the teen’s song.




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