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Spoilers for the Week of August 22, 2016

08/26/2016 05:42 am

Week of August 22:

Breaking: With Dena Higley’s return, Ken Corday talks Days’ future

Spoiler Video: A shocking arrest in Tate’s kidnapping

Monday August 22:

Spoiler video: Orpheus, Xander and Clyde return

Nicole reveals to Deimos she can’t have kids and Maggie’s surgery went well

Belle and Shawn are still at odds over Claire’s future.

Nicole learns that it was Deimos who encouraged a doctor to come out of retirement to operate on Maggie’s injury.

Chloe has another nightmare in which Deimos learns the truth about her baby.

Maggie is scheduled for surgery as she worries about Tate.

Tuesday August 23:

Jennifer gets loaded after hearing of Abby’s ‘death’

Theo breaks the news of Abigail’s death to a stunned Ciara.

A grieving Chad tells Belle that he plans on giving up his custody fight and letting Jennifer raise Thomas.

Claire and Theo use her new song to find comfort in the wake of tragedy and come together in a kiss.

A distraught Jennifer holes up in a seedy motel room, and is about to numb herself with pills and booze.

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Wednesday August 24:

Tate’s returned to his parents and Victor’s arrested

Theresa, Brady and John track down the woman who took Tate to Chicago and then manage to get her to confess that Victor was behind the kidnapping.

Nicole makes a passionate appeal to Deimos to tell her the truth about the kidnapping.

Abe appoints Aiden as the new DA soon after Justin is forced to resign.

Rafe and Roman both worry Aiden might uncover that Hope killed Stefano.

Rafe and Roman both worry the new DA, Aiden, might uncover that Hope killed Stefano.

Recounting Nicole’s pregnancies: Days’ Nicole’s pregnancies and miscarriages

Thursday August 25:

Breaking: Kassie DePaiva’s fight with Leukemia

Days Recap: Chad tells Ciara he doesn’t love her, then learns Jennifer relapsed

Ciara tells Chad that she truly loves him.

Jennifer wakes up horrified to discover Belle and Kayla in the motel room.

A heartbroken Ciara walks in on Theo and Claire making out.

Chad remains firm that he’s in no condition to take care of Thomas.

News: Camila Banus injures foot in Parkour class

Friday August 26:

Days Recap: Victor is booked for the Tatenapping but pinpoints Deimos for the setup

Soapbox: Back from the break and loving DA Aiden but still unsure of who Deimos is

Victor’s been brought in for questioning for Tate’s kidnapping but insists he’s been framed.

Brady returns home for an emotional moment with Theresa.

Philip wants an answer from Chloe about the offer he made her.

Announcement: Tika Sumpter (OLTL) pregnant and Thomas Gibson (ATWT) fired

Also coming up:

Theresa, Brady and John find the woman who took Tate in Chicago and she fingers Victor for the crime. Victor’s questioned by SPD but denies being involved. He assumes brother Deimos is framing him.
Victor’s arrested for the Tatenapping, but was he set up by Deimos or somebody else?
Tate’s reunited with his parents.
Theresa’s wracked with guilt and isn’t sure if she believes Victor’s to blame.
Maggie gets the operation on her back.
Deimos asks Nicole to move into the Kiriakis mansion with him.
Chad’s going off the deep end as everyone thinks Abigail is dead.
Aiden tells Hope he wants her to admit she killed Stefano.
Chad decides not to fight Jenn on the custody case, and Jennifer, dealing with her own demons on the cusp of her daughter’s ‘death’, checks herself into the Fleabag Motel and loses herself in booze and pain meds. Belle, Hope and Julie find her at rock bottom.
Justin and Sonny head to SPD to support Victor, who is behind bars after been arrested for kidnapping Tate.
There’s a big divide in the Kiriakis family due to family members taking sides in Victor’s case.
Claire soon realizes Chloe’s with child and is considering an abortion. Philip has offered to marry Chloe and presses her for an answer, vowing to pass the child off as his. Chloe is afraid of Deimos finding out the truth and this clouds her decision.
Ciara confesses to Chad that she loves him. He’s just not that into her though.
Claire shares good news from her parents about her future with Theo, and they wind up kissing. Ciara witnesses this, fresh from her rejection of Chad.
Paul invites Sonny to have lunch with him and sees many changes since Will’s death in his old lover. Later in the week, Sonny goes to Will’s grave.
Victor’s released on bail.
Adrienne, Lucas, Doug and Julie gather at the Horton homestead to support Jennifer over losing Abby. Later in the week, Jennifer cannot believe it when her mom, Laura, returns to Salem with news about Abby.
Claire’s insecure over the time Ciara and Theo spend together.
Philip wants financial help from Kate.

Coming up from SOD:

John gets a lead on the drug used to knock Theresa out and Nicole investigates and tracks down the dealer who tells her that Kate bought that drug from him. She tells Deimos and Victor, who confront Kate. Kate blackmails them into keeping her crime of kidnapping Tate a secret – she’s got something on each of them that will put them in prison! This draws the brothers closer.

Retrospective: Sami blackmailed Lexi to get Austin away from Carrie

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