Spoilers for the Week of June 27, 2016

06/30/2016 08:48 am

Deconstructing Days: Fantasies, flashbacks and ghosts made for a lackluster week

Week of June 27:

Days Spoiler Video: Deimos is out for revenge

Monday June 27:

Days recap: Maggie kicks Victor out

A twisted friendship begins between Andre and Kate.

Brady chastises Theresa who admits she’s still insecure about Summer.

Chloe is horrified to learn that Kate is setting Nicole up to take the fall for Deimos’ murder.

Brady and Theresa announce to Maggie, Victor and Summer that they’re getting married in August.

Clark’s sister Janet Bernard turns up in Salem and hires John.

Tuesday June 28:

Days Recap: Brady kicks Summer right out of Salem

Blanca encourages Rafe to let go of Hope.

Brady calls Summer on her lies and she admits to the accusations.

Summer tells Dario that Clark’s sister is in town asking questions.

Aiden does all he can to remind Hope of the love they once shared for one another as they spend their first day at the Green Mountain Lodge.

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Wednesday June 29:

Days Recap: Nicole learns Deimos is alive and Victor finds Theresa asleep with Tate in the park

Congrats in order. Ken Corday receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Best wishes: Drake Hogestyn injured in fall

A sleep-deprived and stressed Theresa takes Tate out to the park and ends up falling asleep.

Nicole arrives at Chloe’s to speak with her in person, and is overwhelmed to find Deimos alive.

Deimos agrees to clear Nicole’s name on one condition…

Summer returns to her hotel room and finds a satchel filled with money with a letter of instruction.

A frantic Chad puts his men on the search for Abigail.

Thursday June 30:

Days recap: Deimos plans revenge on Kate and Andre wants cash to kill Deimos

Galen Gering’s Hollywood Hills house for sale

Blanca celebrates with Dario when she learns she got the job as a nurse at the hospital.

Chad is shocked by a note from Abigail he finds in the living room.

Deimos agrees to return to Salem with Nicole, who is both relieved and intrigued by what that might mean for them.

Philip has a surprise encounter with Chloe.

Friday July 1:

Deconstructing DOOL: Even with a few reveals, the week was still uneventful!

Days Recap: Rafe learns Aiden’s not who he appears to be

Aiden and Hope share a warm moment back at the cabin.

A suspicious Rafe gets the security footage from jail, and finds out Aiden visited Andre when he was in jail.

Nicole is upset when Deimos reveals he wants to get revenge on Kate first before he announces to the world that he’s alive.

This week from SOD:

Chloe learns about Kate’s claims to be married to Deimos and her plans to set Nicole up for his murder.

Nicole and Deimos agree to team up to take down Kate.

After Chloe watches Deimos and Nicole interact, she realizes he loves her friend and lashes out at him for using her.

Chloe makes plans to return to Salem.

Andre uses his charms on Kate. Though they don’t trust each other, Kate agrees to give him cash in exchange for his loyalty and support.

Week of July 4:

Monday July 4:

Hope and Aiden are headed towards making love, but the memories are too much for Hope.

Tuesday July 5:

Theresa reveals to Brady that she fell asleep while she was out with Tate.

Wednesday July 6:

Nicole questions Chloe about her relationship with Deimos.

Thursday July 7:

Chad has a conversation with “Stefano” who tells him Abigail may not be what’s best for Thomas.

Andre reads an article about a downed private plane, this strikes up an idea…

Friday July 8:

Summer sits on a plane leaving Salem, and cries of a baby are heard right nearby…

Coming up:

Shawn D, Belle, Lani, and Summer will be gone when Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Marie Wilson and Sal Stowers leave the show

At least two more were given notice and one leaving this summer on “Days.”

There will be various familiar faces returning to “Days” in an upcoming big storyline such as Patsy Pease (Kim), Charles Shaughnessy (Shane) and Larry Poindexter (Father Louis). There are details in the Soaps.com’s Days comings and goings

Aiden isn’t the man he says he is, which makes Rafe start investigating.

Chloe has been involved with Philip and they reunite and decide to work together in the music business. Chloe holds a big secret that nobody else knows which will have big implications.

Sonny returns to Salem to help his family through some rough times. His relationship with Paul grows. Paul will be seen more as Sonny’s return progresses.

Summer becomes more obsessed with Brady and tries everything to be with him. Theresa tries to ensure she doesn’t succeed.

Ciara pushes Theo away and Claire takes an interest in him.

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