Spoilers for the Week of June 13, 2016

06/17/2016 08:23 am

Deconstructing DOOL: Powerful dialogue, romantic entanglements and a touch of the bizarre

Week of June 13:

Days of our Lives weekly promo: Joey’s shot!

Monday June 13:

Days recap: A cop is shot, Joey’s shot and JJ feels like a dead man walking

Joey, Steve, and Kayla are set to start the long drive back to Salem…

JJ helps Julie move in a few more belongings into the Horton house.

Joey learns from Jade that Dirk killed a store clerk during a robbery.

Steve, Joey, and Kayla get mixed up in a hostage situation at the commune.

Tuesday June 14:

Days Recap: Victor makes a deal with Kate, double-crossing Nicole

Chloe takes Deimos to her home and patches him up.

Nicole seeks out Rafe and pleads her case.

Victor offers Kate a surprising deal.

Philip tries to reconcile with Victor.

Belle and Shawn have their dinner date to feel out whether they can repair their relationship.

Wednesday June 15:

Days Recap: Rafe and Blanca accidentally crash Hope and Aiden’s dinner

Hope meets Aiden for a romantic dinner.

Nicole and Dario sneak into the Kiriakis mansion to find incriminating evidence against Kate.

Victor double crosses Nicole.

Eduardo is moved when he realizes Adriana still has feelings for him.

Thursday June 16:

Days Recap: Joey’s out of surgery, John proposes to Marlena and Dario and Nic are arrested

Chad apologizes to Ciara for his drunken behavior.

Nicole and Dario hide in the closet while Kate receives a visit from Philip.

Steve, Kayla and Jade sit vigil at the California hospital, awaiting news of Joey’s surgery.

John returns from California to Marlena.

Friday June 17:

Deconstructing DOOL: It’s been an interesting ride with blackmail at every turn and the SPD getting a clue

Days Recap: A fire got started by Abby at Shady Hills (Pines!)

Worried and alarmed, Chad and Marlena arrive at Shady Hills to learn there was a fire, and Abigail’s been injured.

Theresa tells Brady they should get married as quickly as they can.

With Deimos still missing, presumed murdered, Victor is keeping his eye on the endgame.

Justin is told by Roman that an investigation is underway over missing evidence.

Summer admits her feelings and her disappointment for Brady to Maggie.

Theresa tells Brady they should get married as quickly as they can.

SOD teasers week of June 13:

Abigail is burned in a fire at Shady Hills. Doctors inform Chad that she was burned badly and is in surgery. When Chad visits Abby, she’s covered in bandages on her face, and she’s getting worse, mentally. Shock sets in when he learns how the fire was started…

Dirt takes Joey, Jade and Simone hostage.

Rory blames JJ for ruining his life.

Philip hooks up with a new woman.

Hope has a romantic dinner with Aiden and sees Rafe with Blanca.

Eduardo realizes Adriana still cares for him.

John returns from California and asks for Marlena to marry him.

Summer makes a play for Justin.

Week of June 20:

Days weekly spoiler video: Face the consequences or run?

Monday June 20:

Deimos makes a fast friend with Parker, which Chloe witnesses.

Tuesday June 21:

Aiden talks to Andre and accepts the DiMera’s offer to eliminate his romantic rival.

Adrienne and Lucas share a romantic reunion.

Wednesday June 22:

At the police station, a man, Monahan, enters to Rafe and Roman, and says he wants to confess to murder.

Thursday June 23:

Paul accepts John’s offer to work for him at Black Patch.

Friday June 24:

Abigail decides she can’t wait for Chad any longer.

Coming up:

Shawn D, Belle, Lani, and Summer will be gone when Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Marie Wilson and Sal Stowers leave the show

At least two more were given notice and one leaving this summer on “Days.”

There will be various familiar faces returning to “Days” in an upcoming big storyline. There are details in the Soaps.com’s Days comings and goings

Aiden isn’t the man he says he is, which makes Rafe start investigating.

Kate inherits the Kiriakis fortune, which draws Andre’s attention.

Chloe has been involved with Philip and they reunite and decide to work together in the music business. Chloe holds a big secret that nobody else knows which will have big implications.

Steve and Kayla rescue Joey from the commune but one is shot and their life left hanging in the balance.

Abigail disappears from Shady Hills. A desperate Chad searches for her and Andre agrees to help but he may know more than he’s letting on.

Sonny returns to Salem to help his family through some rough times. His relationship with Paul grows. Paul will be seen more as Sonny’s return progresses.

Summer becomes more obsessed with Brady and tries everything to be with him. Theresa tries to ensure she doesn’t succeed.

Ciara pushes Theo away and Claire takes an interest in him.

Find late- breaking Days of our Lives news, and who else is returning and leaving Days.

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– Christine Fix


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