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Spoilers for the Week of March 14, 2016

03/18/2016 02:14 pm

Friday’s Deconstructing DOOL: Cover ups, foreshadowing, theft, corruption and an escapee

Week of March 7:

Monday March 7:

Read today’s Days Recap: Despite Chad’s wishes, Abigail learns the truth about Ben.

Marlena and Arianna are kidnapped!

Abigail demands to know what Chad and JJ are keeping from her.

Brady and Summer receive her DNA test results.

Eduardo informs John he’s found a link between Deimos and someone from John’s past.

Tuesday March 8:

Days promo. The wedding of the year!

Eduardo is forced to reveal to Rafe that he was an assassin.

Abigail freaks out over Ben’s escape.

Desperate to find Marlena, John questions Deimos.

Steve and Kayla work together to find evidence he can use in his defense.

Wednesday March 9:

Days Recap: Claire, Joey and Theo team up to help Ciara with Chase

Summer attempts to get to know Maggie better.

Victor explodes with fury over Philip’s latest move.

Shawn and Belle clash over her purchase of the club.

Theo, Claire, and Joey band together to help Ciara.

Thursday March 10:

Read today’s Days Recap: Ciara decides how to handle Chase.

Days promo: Chad an Abby’s wedding which takes place from March 11- 15. There will be a wedding album to follow in Friday’s recap!

Days Recap: Chase is kidnapped

John and Eduardo receive instructions from the kidnappers.

Ciara has an intense confrontation with Chase.

Claire spies her mom and Philip sharing a kiss.

Philip’s past comes back to bite him.

Friday March 11:

Days Recap: Chad and Abigail’s wedding begins, someone is shot, and will Chase confess? (Wedding album inside, courtesy JPI)

Deconstructing DOOL: Batty Ben’s back, there’s gunfire, a wedding, and a 30 year old mystery to be solved

The threat of Ben looms as Abigail and Chad’s wedding begins.

Ciara confides in Theo.

Hope angrily grills Chase about what he did to her daughter.

Gunfire erupts as John and Eduardo attempt to rescue their loved ones.

Week of March 14:

Monday March 14:

Eduardo is rushed into emergency surgery.

Tuesday March 15:

Lucas and Adrienne discuss their future.

Wednesday March 16:

Read today’s Days Recap: Claire, Joey, and Theo team up to help Ciara.

Things heat up between Kate and Deimos.

Dario shows up at Summer’s door.

Thursday March 17:

Chad and Abigail honeymoon with Thomas in Chicago.

Friday March 18:

Days Recap: Yo Ling wants to brainwash Paul, which outrages John

Imprisoned with John, Paul is bewildered.  Meanwhile, Steve, Rafe and Marlena plot their rescue of John.

Deconstructing DOOL: Salemites had an exciting and shocking week spattered with a little romance

Coming up! Ximena Duque and Alma Delfina to Days of our Lives

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– Christine Fix


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