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Spoilers for the Week of January 26, 2015

01/30/2015 12:00 am

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Deconstructing DOOL. “It’s funny in a sick twisted way and Friday’s episode just made me want Jenn and Debbie Downer to walk in on them doing the nasty on Alice’s sofa. Oy. I’m out of my mind, I know. It’s just that I keep coming up with outlandish plot points in my head that would shock the pants off of everyone and make the viewers laugh. You know, because this story’s making nobody happy anyway.”

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Week of January 26:

Don’t forget! Jan 26 – 30 Days of our Lives spoilers on Soap Opera Fan differ from those below.

Monday January 26:

Days Recap: Not As Long As I Have Breath.

Someone is shot and left for dead!

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Nicole lulls Serena into a false sense of security – then makes her move.

Chad realizes he’s made a terrible mistake.

Aiden finds himself stuck in an awkward position.

Tuesday January 27:

Days Recap: A Clydesicle.

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Ex-Days star James Scott Married.

Ex-Days star James Scott New Sitcom Wrecked.

Abigail asks Victor for a favor.

A guilt-ridden Will makes a tearful confession to Kate.

Serena discovers Nicole’s treachery and confronts her!

Kate’s advice inadvertently sends Sonny on a collision course with the truth.

Wednesday January 28:

Days Recap: Romantic Claptrap

Nicole prepares to expose Serena in front of Daniel and Eric.

Stefano advises Chad to focus on his original plan – to go after Abigail.

Sonny overhears a curious statement by Kate.

Paul makes an admission to Will about his ex, Sonny.

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Thursday January 29:

Days Recap: My Little Bluebird.

Nicole’s plan blows up in her face – big time.

Chad’s confession leaves Jordan reeling… and torn.

Melanie and Brady’s first date doesn’t go quite as planned…

Melanie is intrigued when she overhears Theresa’s new boyfriend, Clint, making a mysterious phone call.

Melanie is intrigued when she overhears Theresa’s new boyfriend, Clint, making a mysterious phone call.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap Tonight’s episode, “Where Do We Go From Here” also showcased little Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) from “General Hospital!”

Friday January 30:

Paige stuns JJ with her surprising decision.

Daniel accuses Nicole of not being over Eric and ends their relationship!

Serena finally finds what she’s been looking for.

Theresa learns Brady and Melanie are dating – and she is not happy.

Week of February 2:

Days spoilers on Soap Opera Fan. These differ from those you see below and will be the last time we’ll update Soap Opera Fan.

Monday February 2:

JJ rocks Paige with a new revelation about his affair.

Tuesday February 3:

Paul makes an emotional admission to Sonny.

Wednesday February 4:

A major secret is revealed!

Someone is brutally attacked!

Thursday February 5:

Eric is twigged by Serena’s behavior.

Friday February 6:

Nicole shares a warm moment with someone unexpected.

Coming up:

Wally Kurth returns to Days as Justin around January.

Chrishell Stause leaves Days as Jordan Ridgeway March 2015.

SOD Sweeps!

Executive Producer, Ken Corday says...

Hope begins to fear for her life as she realizes she may not know Aiden as well as she thinks.

The Will, Sonny, Paul triangle will explode and things will never be the same for WilSon.

JJ and Eve's affair is discovered.

Justin returns and it's evident he has been busy with something other than work. There's a big reveal there and Adrienne must make life-changing decisions. Lucas plays a part when the two fight feelings for each other.

Victor's actions with Clyde come back to haunt him.

Melanie and Brady's relationship continues but Melanie keeps secrets from him as she investigates the connection between Dr. Mandrake and Theresa.

Nicole enlists Melanie's help in smoothing things over with Daniel.

Ben's in hot water with the law but Abby sticks by him.

Serena's motives become clear but she's thrown a curveball just when she is about to get what she wants.

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