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Spoilers for the Week of January 05, 2015

01/09/2015 12:00 am

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Friday’s “Days” Blog: Matt thinks one couple is little more than empty calories. Read the Deconstructing DOOL Blog to see what he thought about it and Serena’s secret in Salem.

Week of January 5:

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Monday January 5:

Days recap: Selfish To The Core.

Serena goes off on Nicole for digging around in her hotel room.

Melanie and Brady are not sure what to make of their unexpected kiss.

Eric tries to help Kayla out with a bad date.

Tuesday January 6:

Days Recap: Silent Bob.

Sonny informs Chad the new club is a bust, and he’s taken aback when Chad makes an unexpected decision.

Brady gets a surprising reaction when he tries to stop Theresa and Melanie from fighting.

Rafe confronts Chad and accuses him of sending an anonymous letter, which resulted in his firing.

Kayla tells Hope that Aiden threatened Bree!

Wednesday January 7:

A Vindictive Female Who Can’t Spell!

Theresa has an upsetting reaction when she picks up a baby rattle.

Aiden tries to explain his actions to Hope… but is he telling the truth?

Will comes out and asks Paul if he’s gay.

Brady and Mel confess their feelings for each other.

Thursday January 8:

Days Recap: Later Dude.

Melanie finds Theresa experiencing a very vulnerable moment.

Paul responds to Will’s question in a stunning way.

Adrienne confides to Lucas that she fears Justin might be having an affair.

Nicole pulls out all the stops in an effort to reconcile with Daniel.

Friday January 9:

Days Recap: The Beanpole With Red Hair.

Deconstructing DOOL. Dishing on all the cheating and new beginnings.

Please vote! Days Poll: What’s up with John’s behavior?

Adrienne and Lucas bond.

Sonny gets a surprise when he stops by Paul’s hotel room.

Nicole resolves to concentrate on her relationship with Daniel – but then gets a mysterious call about Serena.

Melanie tries to reach out to an emotional Theresa.

Week of January 12:

Jan 12 - 16 Days of our Lives spoilers on Soap Opera Fan differ from those below so be sure to check them out!

Days of our lives spoiler video! A forbidden kiss...

Monday January 12:

Nicole is tempted when an anonymous source offers to give her dirt on Serena.

Paul comes clean with Sonny, hoping to win him back.

Tuesday January 13:

Victor and Clyde have a tense showdown over business matters.

Wednesday January 14:

A vengeful Eve is tempted to tell Jennifer she had sex with JJ.

Clyde drops another major bomb on Jordan regarding the death of her mother.

Thursday January 15:

Melanie and Brady agree not to tell anyone they are planning to date – but the cat’s out of the bag when someone catches them kissing!

Friday January 16:

Adrienne spends time with Lucas – and finds herself laughing for the first time in ages.

Coming up:

Wally Kurth returns to Days as Justin around January.

Chrishell Stause leaves Days as Jordan Ridgeway March 2015.

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