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Spoilers for the Week of January 20, 2014

01/24/2014 12:00 am

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Deconstructing DOOL.

Days poll: Anne!

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Week of January 20:

Revenge recap: Hatred.

Monday January 20:

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Nicole confesses the truth to Eric.

Daniel, Marlena and Roman race against time to find Eric and Nicole.

Brady decides to split town… and runs into Dr. Chyka.

Tuesday January 21:

Days recap: A Real Game Changer.

Sami finally reaches out to EJ.

Julie enlists Hope’s help to track down Nick.

Jordan is wary when she and Rafe end up hanging out with Lucas and Sheryl.

Daniel finds Eric and Nicole… but is he too late?

Wednesday January 22:

Days recap: Rode Hard.

Days spoiler video: Ari's christening!

EJ demands information from Stefano.

Hope gets shocking news about her daughter from a very angry father at St. Luke’s.

Julie shares her stunning suspicion with Abigail – that something has happened to Nick.

Today is Daniel Cosgrove's first day as "Aiden."

Daniel Cosgrove/Aiden bio.

Thursday January 23:

Days recap: Get This Party Started.

Eric is faced with a difficult decision.

Hope butts head with Aiden Jennings over Chase and Ciara.

Friday January 24:

Deconstructing DOOL. Poll is asking your thoughts about Sweeney's exit.

Sometimes I Really Like You.

Kate, Sami, Gabi, Will and Sonny grow worried as Julie and Hope make it clear they want to question Gabi about Nick’s disappearance.

Abigail struggles with a moral dilemma.

Family and friends gather to celebrate Arianna’s christening, which ends with a shocking turn of events.

Week of January 27:

Monday January 27:

EJ gives Abigail a stern warning.

Tuesday January 28:

Days Recap: A Seminar In Sleaze.

With Bev’s help, JJ carries out the first part of his plan to stop Theresa’s reign of terror.

Stefano tries to persuade Kate to have dinner with him.

Wednesday January 29:

Hope has another tense meeting with Aiden.

Thursday January 30:

Rafe is furious when he learns about the latest developments in Gabi’s life.

Friday January 31:

Daniel and Nicole decide to hunt down Dr. Chyka.

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