Deconstructing DOOL: The Beginning of an Explosive November Sweeps

October 22 - 26

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I love our show and that was one explosive starting to November sweeps with the cliffhanger Friday, but I admit I’m feeling cranky about what a few characters are doing so be prepared for a bit of a rant…

The alien returns but…why?

With an already bloated cast, I didn’t get why they’d bring Rex Brady back. No offense to hottie Eric Winter. I liked Rex but the character wasn’t exactly memorable to many except for his foray into Salem as an alien. Having Kyle Lowder play Rex when we all see him as Brady was equally bizarre. But…it works! I already find him funny, he has an easy chemistry with every single character he’s in scenes with.

A testament to Hall & Evans’ acting ability

It was cringey of John to ask Roman to help take Hattie off his hands but gracious as ever, Roman agreed to it, not forgetting I’m sure, that John took his wife off his hands years back. Still, their scenes were adorable, and I’m glad Roman agreed to John’s plea because I love Roman and Hattie together. Hattie’s scenes with Bonnie were also a delight. I didn’t realize Bonnie truly has a thing for Lucas. I think I prefer her with him than Adrienne or Chloe. At least the crazy loon will keep him on his toes.

Bon Bon messed up

Booze is truth serum for Bonnie, who not only accidentally revealed to the fembot Chloe that Lucas passed out during sex before it was over, but she let it slip a few times to Chloe and Lucas that he wasn’t even the father of Baby Bon Bon. Sure she covered it up but Chloe’s on to her. This was the highlight of the week. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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Love triangles cause fan wars & headaches

Will and Sonny decided not to reunite after Paul’s accident, yet already Will made a secret phone call to Sonny about how much he misses him. I’m positive that Will has no idea of how to be loyal to anyone. Either reunite with Sonny or bloody well move on. I can’t wait for this painful story to end.

Abe goes off the rails as I side with Sheila

It must have been annoying for Abe to have someone steal his parking spot – twice but his tirade about it went on way too long. His bluster made me side with Sheila, then I wondered how he controls his obviously crazy high blood pressure. The scenes felt like sitcom writing and made me develop a scenario in my mind where Sheila screws up her job at Doug’s Place and Abe takes pity on her and hires her and then we’re forced to watch plenty of hijinks…


The ‘bringing people back from the dead’ storylines are starting to get stale. I mean we can’t bring back everyone! Dr. Rolf gave the mystery patient one last dosage of the zombie serum and he – surprise – after a few years, finally woke from his stupor only to cause the fire that instigated the explosion. Does that mean Mystery Man killed Nic, Kristen and all the others? Or is everyone blaming Brady? I suppose we could go as far back as to blame Deimos for drugging Nicole so that she killed him in the first place.

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Nicole’s death made me feel nothing

For me, Nic Nic died when they removed that dirty martini from her hand and turned her into a sad-sack. I won’t miss her because I’ve already mourned my Nic Nic. I also felt nothing for Eric’s loss. The acting was there for both but they barely were a couple so I didn’t get a chance to invest. I feel for those who did invest and lost their couple but my guess is we’ll see her in a few years to get custody of Holly back from Xander, assuming that Xander’s just presumed dead. If so I hope she returns with the martini glass in hand!

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Do all three have mental health issues?

I think it’s unhealthy for Stefan to be mooning over nonexistent Gabby and makes me feel as if his life is just sad and that he’s mentally ill as are his pals, Gabi and Abby. But now that he married Abigail – surprise – he’ll be in heaven. I’m not sure how to feel about this. I’m glad Abs won’t be committed but I do wonder if living with Stefan will really bring her alts back. At least Gabs and Abs finally faced off. I really do prefer Abigail feisty. As Soaps’ ex-writer Jennifer Kelly said to me recently, “I really like Marci Miller – but she’s playing Abigail so mild and passively.” Not anymore! Last week in Deconstructing DOOL, I wished Abby would get a blood test to learn that Gabi had been drugging her. This week she brought it up, but it was too late. Ack. At least someone’s on the ball. Now if Chad would stop stammering and get a bloody clue and believe in his wife it’d be great.

This is an opinion piece. This is your chance to respectfully comment on your own thoughts about this week’s episodes in the comment section.

Best lines:

John to Roman, “I want you to woo her. I want you to woo-hoo her. Take my wife. Please. Take my wife.”
Roman jokes to John, “Haven’t you guys been married enough already?”

Bonnie, “Especially snagging that silver fox of a hubby. Mmm.”
Hattie: “Oh, well he’s good looking. I guess. In a funny kinda way. Just not my type. So our marriage is strictly phonetic.”
Bonnie: “Mmm…platonic.”

Bonnie to Chloe, “He passed out before it was even over.”

Chloe to Bonnie, “The fumes are coming off of you like heat on asphalt in August.”
Bonnie to Chloe, “The only asshatphault is you for not minding your own business.”

Bonnie to Chloe, “The night we made crazy monkey love, he passed out before it was even over.”

Bonnie to Lucas, “You’ve got to get it through your head that Baby Bonnie doesn’t belong to you.”


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