Deconstructing Dool: Only in Salem the Unusual and Ridiculous Happens

October 12

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In August I wrote a focused blog about the strange and unusual, or sometimes even ridiculous things that happen only in Salem, which generated a lot of interest. Because I’m on holiday this week and can’t write an opinion piece about what’s gone down this week, I’ve written another ‘only in Salem’ piece in advance. Next week I’ll be back with a new column based on the current storylines.

Only in Salem…

Can an actor play one character on a soap for five years and return a decade later and play a completely different character – and viewers will buy it. It’s not as though it’s never been done before.

Only in Salem would you be forced to kill your mother or step-father in exchange for information on your thought-to-be dead husband.

Would you accept a child is yours from the first paternity test you get (I’m looking at you, Lucas) without going outside of the city country to have a second, fifth or sixteenth paternity test.

Could a DiMera sneak about Salem without being caught by the cops.

Only in Salem would a character who has been around over 30 years not get a decent send-off when he decided to leave the show.

Only in Salem can two people fall out of a window and one barely gets a scrape while the other becomes paralyzed.

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Only in Salem would a police officer pull on a woman’s teeth to confirm she’s not Kristen DiMera, instead of taking DNA from her.

Only a Salem Police commissioner needs to be talked into releasing an innocent man from jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

We rarely see a wedding come to completion without a major disruption.

Only in Salem could you get away with breaking your fiancée’s doppelganger out of prison to take her place while she’s in a coma.

Would a woman drug her pregnant so-called BFF in order to make her think she’s “going crazy.”

Would a man plant drugs in a police officer’s apartment in order to ensure his grandson gets custody of his son.

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Only in Salem do various couples have zero chemistry.

Only in Salem would a 19-year-old girl in 2018 use the term “make love to me” when they’re about to bone.

Only Salemites have a time machine that gets them from Salem to Tennessee or Canada in five minutes or less.

Only in Salem do these things happen and most Days of our Lives fans love every minute of it!

Best lines:

Sometimes best lines come from viewers themselves, and this one was heard a lot this week: “I think I like Hattie better than Marlena now.”


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