Deconstructing DOOL: Viewers Debate Brady Leading With His Willy vs. Assault

August 27 – 31

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Another crazy, thrilling, fun week of drama, camp, love, lust and heartbreak in Salem and it’s not yet fall sweeps. Today marks Stephen Nichols’ exit from Days of our Lives. He will be missed by a plethora of fans including myself. It’s truly hard to believe we won’t see this vet anymore or Stayla. It’s a shame that the actor and the show couldn’t come to an agreement but I place no blame on either camp. It’s business. All we can hope for is that this isn’t forever.

Fighting for her life

The scenes with Marlena flatlining were enthralling as was watching John sob while holding his bride’s bloody dress in his hands and then later pour hot coffee over his hand when he couldn’t think straight. Drake Hogestyn rocked those scenes. They were so realistic. But John and Cyclops Steve waiting in the ER while the doctors were working on her was highly ridiculous. Our incestuous group of Salemites have some strange boundaries! I can’t believe Val did this exact same surgery with Abe when he was shot. Hopefully Marlena wakes up next week.

No winners in the blame game

Belle blamed Sami for shooting Marlena. Sami blamed herself, but Father Dufus Eric, who actually caused the shooting by rushing Sami, felt no guilt. Still isn’t the only person to blame Kristen? Sami was drugged, confused and Eric was only trying to help. I think it’s crazy that Belle is blaming her, claiming she would have killed for information on EJ. Eyewitness accounts are always unreliable. Maybe Belle needs to blame someone. And who better than Sami, uh the sister who once kidnapped her. I couldn’t believe Belle brought that up. Since we didn’t see Rafe read Sami her rights, I still wonder if she was arrested or just taken in for questioning. Nobody could believe that Sami insisted on a deal with Hope, offering a statement only if they discuss Rafe boning her. Um. My dude. There’s a time and a place for everything and that wasn’t it. As confrontations go, it was super chill. It’d have been so much more fun if we had a showdown with hair-pulling but they’re too mature I guess for that. Of course, Nighttime Hope agreed with Belle that Sami purposefully shot Marlena when she wasn’t even there to have an opinion. Hope was letting her personal feelings for Samanther cloud her judgment. Hope needs to step away from this case. I feel like we could say that phrase almost weekly to no avail!

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The art of holding grudges

Julie rocks holding grudges like nobody we have ever known. She’s still pretty sore at Sami and Rafe for having sex and ruining her step-daughter-sister’s wedding. I’m often torn between finding her grudges annoying and amusing. I love how she was grossed out that Susan and Eve were locked in her freezer with Eve being found “between the crab cakes and the lamb chops.” Hilarious.

Tenacious Sonny

Sonny laid the pressure on with Will to remember him, and once Will did, Sonny pressured him to be together, wondering what the return of Will’s memory would mean for their relationship. I found the desperation in his voice and the pressure in his words almost anxiety provoking. But how can anyone blame him when he’s been waiting for three thousand years for Will to remember who he is? Course, now that he has, Sonny has a lot of lost time to make up for. And Will is down for it. He even cheated on Paul twice with Sonny, some fans noted, thinking some things never change. Meanwhile, during Will’s memory recall, Paul looked everywhere for his beau and couldn’t find him, yet Doug’s Place is just off the Horton square and he never looked there. What? It doesn’t fit that Paul, PI extraordinaire didn’t think to check there, yet he caught on pretty fast that Kristen would go after Brady. Hmm.

On a side note, I really liked Susan’s scenes with Sonny who was very sweet with her. She was hilarious, especially rocking those underclothes from the 1800s. Whoever decided to put her in that outfit was brilliant. Hopefully Victor will come upon her.

Victim or participant

Brady and Kristen’s scenes were something to behold. They’ve wicked chemistry. Brady must be dynamite in the sack because Kristen wasn’t the only woman this summer who made him a sex offer he didn’t want to refuse. Theresa offered him sex in exchange for a sweet custody agreement. And most of us thought he’d be down with it. brady almost sex with kristenSince it was Brady, nobody called it rapey. I love that Brady called Kristen defrocking Eric rape. Because that’s what it was. But despite her raping his brother, you could tell, twisted Kristen quickly got under Brady’s skin. Though I thought Kristen was acting rapey toward Brady, requesting sex in exchange for Eve’s whereabouts and touching him inappropriately, when it came right down to it, it looked to me as though Brady was really hot for Kristen and wanted sex – at least to me. Not everyone will agree. Their kissing was so passionate that I was into it. Brady seemed to be once again leading with his willy until Friday, when he was panting at how hot things were but at the same time, trying to say no to Kristen. I guess we can call it coercement considering he likely wouldn’t have touched her if she hadn’t given him an ultimatum. Here is what others felt…

Tragedy strikes – again

Delusional Kristen wanted to off Eve, then Brady, then Sami and finally, Paul jumped her and struggled with her gun and history repeated itself once again and Kristen went out the window but this time she took Paul with her. What a travesty.  As stated last week in Deconstructing DOOL, Sami could be looking for EJ forever especially now that Kristen fell out of the window. Will Sami ever know where EJ is? I can’t wait for next week!

This is an opinion column and I’d love to read yours so feel free to leave a comment.

Best lines:

Paul, “I looked everywhere for you. Where were you?”
Will, “I needed to hydrate.”

Belle, “When you’re not taking a wrecking ball to our lives, you break people, Sami.”

Kristen to Brady, “I thought I needed a scorecard to see who was doing Nicole Walker.”

Susan, “Samantha Brady popped a cap in her own mama. That’s just bad, bad, bad.”

Susan, “Kristen won’t hurt Will because he has that hunk of burning love to protect him.”

Hope about Sami, “I’m sure I’m also responsible for her bad hair days and her cable going out.”


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