Deconstructing DOOL: Strangelebae Vs. 1950sbae

August 6 – 10

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What a captivating week in Salem. We watched as characters, including Salem’s police commissioner, blackmailed each other, some made threats, hearts were warmed, and some were broken, while there were two reunions.

Brady’s folly.
I wish I could get worked up about Brady being devastated that his son is half-way across the country with Theresa but since nothing is keeping him in Salem, why not move there to be near the little Tater Tot? Not that I want Brady to leave town, though I know several fans who wouldn’t mind seeing the ass end of him and Eve. Through this story it’s been a delight to watch Eve and Victor’s chemistry and frenemy scenes.

Rope’s reunion.
Everyone knows I’m not a big Rope fan but I’m always willing to be fair. I’ve appreciated how slowly Rafe and Hope have been moving toward a reunion for weeks. Hope’s regained her trust for Rafe and it wasn’t overnight. But there was an editing issue when they were talking about Ben and suddenly, the next scene had Rafe saying, “I hurt you and broke your trust.” Whaaat? That part was awkward. The reunion itself felt a little low-key for my taste, though was very sweet. Will it last once Sami shows up with what we assume is Rafe’s baby?

The shark emerges in Ted again.
Ted was outed this week as being the one to send the I know what you did last summer style of threatening notes. It all happened so fast and he admitted that not only was it amusing to make Sonny and Will suffer but that he lost out on a lot of dough in the sexual harassment court case because of Leo’s death. I like this twist. It’s simple. It’s comprehensible. Kate’s not going to be happy to learn her lover is blackmailing her grandson. It could break them up unless he finds a way back into her good graces. Maybe once WilSon reunites (you know it’s coming!) Ted can take partial credit for bringing them together.

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Doc in her element.
It’s been ages since Marlena has been seen more than for two minutes in two weeks, let alone in therapy with patients. I found it engaging to see Ben hypnotized and Chad seeking support and coping skills. It was also touching to see John doling out advice to his granddaughter Claire, which brings her into the fold more and showcases her true feelings rather than having her a one-note self-centered ass. Plus, bros, Steve and John hung out and Jarlena got a touching love scene. One highlight was Sami’s call to inform her mum she’s not going to the wedding. Or is she? Seeing Marlena’s gorgeous dress and that call adds even more anticipation to the approaching wedding.

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Lucas just waltzed up to Steve and didn’t swiftly comment on getting his sight back.

Stefan forced his way into Alice Horton’s house and sullied it, begging to be there for an ultrasound for Gabby, a ‘woman’ who doesn’t exist.

Months after her prison sentence courtesy of Bonnie Lockhart, MIA Adrienne finally wants Steve to find Bon Bon.

Eli finding comfort in kissing Lani was as strange as her reaction. I’m not even sure what we’re supposed to think about that at this point! Are they headed toward dating or court?!

Ciara, Stranglebae and 1950sbae.
The stylist stepped things up a bit with Tripp, deviating from that clean cut Opie Taylor style to an improved sexier look. With Ben the hot serial killer vying for Ciara’s attention it couldn’t have come at a more obvious better time. It gave me a chuckle, as did Ben taunting Tripp about spending “day and night together” with Ciara and her confiding about finding Tripp naked with Claire. Bring on the drama! Ben’s interruption might have been a good thing because Ciara wasn’t ready for sex a scant few days ago because of the rape and on top of that, we’re supposed to believe she suddenly forgives Tripp and is ready for sex? Thankfully it didn’t happen, and frankly I can’t help but notice that their chemistry is dampened after watching Ben and Ciara’s almost-kiss Friday.

The only couple on Days or though it seems…
There’s a big part of me that wishes Abigail or Chad would roll their eyes about going through another who’s the daddy storyline. All they’ve been through for years is heartache and it’s gone on way too long.

Many complained that Chad shouldn’t be talking to Gabi about his relationship issues with Abigail, finding it in poor taste. But if he hadn’t, she wouldn’t be in his orbit and able to move on to what I assume is plan B: having her snatch Chad out from underneath Abby. It was validating to hear JJ suggesting to Gabs that she’d be happier focused on her blessings and letting go of the baggage. He even gave her pause, but she soon shook that thought out of her hair and plodded on with her plan!

Kate was incredibly rude to Abigail, which is no shocker but a letdown considering she and Abs have been getting along. My guess is that it came from her guilt over lying to them about the baby being Chad’s. I disagreed with her suggestion to Abby to leave Chad though some of what she said made sense. It was only last week in Deconstructing DOOL, that I mentioned Abby’s unusual behaviour. Though we saw the writing on the wall, it wasn’t any less painful to watch Chad walk out on Abigail. It was one highlight of the week, a poignant scene which ripped out our hearts.

In a real-life twist, Billy Flynn is out at Days. The news has left many feeling concerned for the future of the show, which has put all of their eggs in one basket, writing only for one couple, making it appear as though Chabby is the show. They did this with Ejami in the past and Jarlena. It’s smarter if Days writes for all couples and doesn’t focus just on one for that reason. Besides, too much of any couple gets boring. Balance is important for the show going forth and balance is my wish going forth. I’ll leave you with a variety of thoughts from viewers about Flynn’s exit…

That’s my opinion! Please post your own in the comment section.

Best lines:

Victor to Brady, “You sound like you hate me.”

Victor to Brady, “Sometimes big mistakes can be made in the name of love.”


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