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Deconstructing DOOL: The Curious Case of Salem’s Pod People

July 16 – 20

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Half of our beloved Salemites seem to have lost some brain cells recently. Maybe we can blame the ongoing summer heatwave which truly is maddening.

Self-centered, selfish and cerebrum on the blink.
I don’t know about you but I’m disillusioned by my Theresa’s return. The writing for her felt like a disservice to the character, who had come such a long way since leaving Salem a year and a half ago. I doubt I’d feel this way if the story about her time in Mexico City with that piece of garbage, El Fideo was fleshed out. The old Theresa resurfaced and she became the world’s worst friend to JJ who has done nothing but bend over backwards to treat her with kindness. As mentioned last week in Deconstructing DOOL, JJ’s changed so much and seemed to be good for Theresa. To thank him for all his encouragement, she allowed him to lie about using coke in front of a judge, then was shocked to her core that he was suspended as an EMT because of it. Ack. Her response was bizarre: “That’s so unfair.” Is it so shocking? Is it really unfair to fire a paramedic who confesses to using cocaine? Did you feel an insinuated eyeroll in that sentence? Because you should have. I don’t recall Theresa being imbecilic.

Either JJ’s suffering in this heat or he’s severely depressed in order to shove down his own feelings and give zero thoughts to his own livelihood in order to help Theresa gain sole custody of her kid. That’s not healthy. It’s as if he feels her pain as his own which again, is not healthy. While we should help our friends, we don’t sacrifice our careers and reputation to do so.

Though the decisions these two made this week frustrated me to no end, I enjoyed their delicious chemistry. But why showcase that when Theresa left town moments later after hearing Kimberly’s cancer returned? It’d have been nice to have Kimberly and Shane return for that storyline. Hopefully Ron Carlivati isn’t thinking of killing Kimberly off.

Alcohol abuse causes brain damage.
Grabby’s Brady’s buggered up life is a testament to what alcohol can do to your brain when you overindulge. How dismal that he’s so mentally incompetent now that he can’t even entertain that Victor could be behind the drug plant. Thank goodness for Jennifer who has already basically gotten to the bottom of this. How horrid of Justin to let Eve and Victor get away with planting drugs in JJ’s apartment. It’s not only against the law but it’s morally wrong. And it’s not as if Eve’s his client, so they can’t hide behind attorney/client confidentiality. I hope his license is suspended. Overall, my thoughts on the end to the custody case are mixed. I felt momentarily downhearted for Brady having to say goodbye to his kid but he was barely in any scenes with him so I couldn’t get too worked up. Eve puzzles me. She doesn’t seem to know right from wrong and her desperation to ensure Brady won custody of Tate must have had something to do with losing Paige. I still can’t fathom her deceiving her own sister by planting drugs (or allowing the plant) in her place so she’d lose her kid. It’s unforgivable. Their tearful farewell was pathetic considering what we know, though it was good to see Brady buck up and do right by Tate, knowing he should spend time with his grandma in the event that her time is coming to an end.

The big question from fans is where the hell is John and Marlena when Brady needs them the most? The answer probably lies in the actors’ contracts.

Hope badgering Ben to admit he started the fire.  
Ben was exceedingly patient with Hope during her over-the-top interrogation. There’s proof that the fire was started purposely and Ben’s stating that he didn’t do it. So who did it?

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Um did they bury baby David in the square?
Lani, Eli, Val and Abe weren’t seen for weeks after the miscarriage, sadly, but at least when the story picked up, it had most viewers still riveted. I’d like to see them all more often. I’ll try not to bitch about them utilizing their black actors too little. Two oddities: Where were their friends and other family members for the ceremony? And um…Surely they were just honoring the baby at the Horton Square, right? But it sure appeared as if they buried him there. I don’t think it’s possible for them to have but the thought still creeped me out.

Picky: Where was Julie?

With friends like Gabi…
Gabi is still delusional in thinking that Abigail is to blame for Gabigail’s damning statement while on the witness stand. The revenge plot is over-the-top, hurtful and undeserving to a mentally ill woman. And Abby sincerely is apologetic. She thinks Abigail always gets away with everything, but what’s she referring to? And why doesn’t she mind deceiving her ‘friend’ Chad? Did anyone else notice Chad never looked at Gabi the entire time they were talking on the bench? He kept staring off, avoiding her eyes. He’s getting more peculiar each day. We may need to start a drinking game each time he stammers, the eyes dart all around, and he repeatedly licks his lips…

Chad vs. Sonny.
Chad’s been CEO for a day and already, he and Sonny are arguing over Titan business, which to many, is heartbreaking for these once best friends. I’m torn with being intrigued by Chad turning to the dark side and worried about the men’s friendship.

Ted Laurent.
Ted has had more depth in the short few weeks he’s been on the show than Stefan has had in an entire year. I don’t get it. But I like it. I hope we can keep him. He actually cares about Kate, he doesn’t mind defending her to crude Stefan, and he’s a brilliant lawyer.

That’s my opinion! Go ahead and give your own in the comment section.

Best lines:

Eve, “JJ should have minded his own business but I guess when you’re a holier than thou Horton, you just can’t help yourself.”

Steve, “I’m looking forward to my new, shiny bionic eye.”


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