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Deconstructing DOOL: Playing With Fire Amid Romance and Lust

July 9 - 13

Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

We were treated to a little romance and lust this week. We also saw an abundance of rehashing of past discussions which made for some frustration. There were quite a few lengthy flashbacks from the days prior that made us think some other scenes didn’t make it. This week’s theme is ‘playing with fire’ in more ways than one.

Stockholm Syndrome.
We now are closer to assuming Ben has Schizophrenia because in addition to seeing him hallucinate, he brought up hearing voices, which is why I couldn’t believe Rafe and Hope delayed giving the Necktie Killer his anti-murder medication. I guess they too like playing with fire. Like last week in Deconstructing DOOL, I don’t think Hope should be on this case. Neither should Rafe. Their emotions cloud their judgment but it adds to the drama. The story has been intriguing for me watching Ben being written back into the fold but I’m not a fan of throwing Hope and Rafe under the bus or any long-term character in order to do so. I think most would agree that Ciara doesn’t have Stockholm Syndrome, but it’s easy to see why Hope would think she does. I like that she and Marlena are still on the outs. Hope has her work cut out for her if she wants to keep her daughter away from Ben, especially as Marlena pointed out ‘she’s an adult’.

Not everyone is enjoying Ben…

Family first!
In what world does Tripp live where he presumes to tell Claire not to visit Ciara – her family – in the hospital? He’s not family. He’s not even the boyfriend. I wish Julie could have saved the scene by walking in on the debate and shut that rubbish down permanently.

Can you file a Missing Persons Report for a dead man?
Leo’s body is missing. Leo’s car is missing. Anyone who wants Titan stock to go up could be suspected of hiding them including Victor, Chad, Kate… maybe even Ted, unless Leo’s still alive.

Eve should have stayed out of the custody case.
All along Eric and Jenn had concerns that JJ spending time with Theresa would end badly for him. They didn’t know it but they were foreshadowing the cocaine being found at JJ’s. What a crying shame since JJ’s changed so much and he’s been good for Theresa. I wonder how Brady will feel about Eve when he finds she and Victor conspired together and ruined JJ’s life? Or will he, considering JJ just took the fall, going from being supportive to codependent in a seconds.

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Manufactured angst – kids are resilient.
Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Gabi tried to bribe her kid into forgiving her abandonment with a doll. As any sane (or bratty depending on how we want to look at this!) kid would do, Ari tossed the bribe aside. That would have been the perfect time to pack Ari’s crap up and take her home. You know, take control. And not control of Abigail’s pregnancy out of desperation and revenge.

I’ll leave you with a silly haiku about the crazy wardrobe situation in this heat.

Summer in Salem
Eric fancies denim clothes
Hot guys aren’t shirtless

Hope fights crime in heels
Roman is rocking flannel
Rafe’s cooking in his leathers

There are no swimsuits
Is Gabi chic or Gabi cheap
Where has summer gone?

This column is dedicated to Gene the stage manager (may he RIP), who would have adored Eric’s misguided style attempt.

That’s my opinion! For the few die hard fan bases who accused me of being ‘biased’ this week, while I like all Salemites, none of them have ever been immune to me bitching about them at one time or another!

Best lines:

Eve, “What do you mean it’s gone?”
Victor, “Gone. Missing. Can I get you a thesaurus?”

Kate whines, “The world is full of liars and backstabbers and they’re coming after me.”


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