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Deconstructing DOOL: Fans Exultant That Kate May Get Her Just Desserts

June 25 – 29

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This week has been an exercise in frustration. Fans are unremitting in their complaints about repetitive storylines, missing flirtation and romance and are disenchanted by the running theme of bad parenting. On the upside, there’s still no shortage of drama or shocking scenes. Or uh montages with queer songs playing in the background. ♪ “I swear, there is something in the air…” There’s something alright…but we always thought it was in the water.

This storyline has become a parody.
This couple can’t catch a break. Abigail is back from her trip to Chicago with Dr. Laura Horton which proved to be a tremendous success, since Laura was able to integrate Abby’s two alts, Laura and Gabigail, and without any change to Abby’s personality in three weeks. Inconceivable! Mere mortal doctors take years to integrate. Abs returned to Salem without much fanfare. She reunited with Chad but Thomas was nowhere to be seen. Chad’s stammer returned while they sat on their usual perch – a bed – and mumbled, as they’re wont to do.

The script from that scene: “Mumble want to focus on our future, mumble Stefan, mumble, you can tell me anything, mumble, whisper, stutter, whisper.” Then Chad blubbered all over Abby’s dress. Wait until Abby tells him she’s pregnant and that she doesn’t know who the father is. Bleh. Maybe it’ll play out exactly the way it did when it happened to Sami, Lucas…

In last Friday’s Deconstructing DOOL, there was talk of becoming the next phoenix being a challenge since he’s always been a good guy. Unless Abs’ baby turns out to be Stefan’s or somebody changes the paternity test results to make it so. So far, Chad hid the fact that the phoenix ring has more significance than just being a family heirloom. It’s his first lie to his wife as The Phoenix 2.0. He’d better hurry to the tailor to buy a few bespoke suits because that tan on tan number from the Sears Wish Book circa 1976 isn’t helping him with his new identity. Some things aren’t vintage. They’re just old.

A new eyeball for Steve.
Kayla’s hard work paid off and she was able to nail Kate while getting her sweetheart a new eyeball. It was bittersweet seeing her tell Steve. Steve’s happiness was palpable but what happens once Steve finds out? Will we even see him get his new eye or the fallout from Kayla’s lies considering Stephen Nichols is leaving Days? This makes my heart heavy.

The way we were.
I enjoyed Paul and Will’s scenes this week. They’re being very kind to one another, very respectful and mature. I felt for both of them. Will’s remembering feelings of love for Sonny, and Paul thinking that it spells doom is moving and realistic. Meanwhile, they both declared their love for one another, making things more complicated.

Will Kate finally get hers?
Many will be downright exultant that Kate may finally get her just desserts for all of the nasty things she’s done over the years but coming at the hands of Stefan could be bittersweet since he’s not well liked either. Though he’s become quite funny. I doubt Kate will get hers in this instance. I think it’s too easy and Stefan will have to work for it. My poor bad girl…She must be strapped for cash too, what with having to reuse the material from her grandmother’s sofa cover as a jacket. All jokes aside, I did enjoy Kate and Chad’s bond on display once more, and I found it funny to watch Kayla taking photos of Kate and Ted. She must have been using Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility in the hall because neither saw a thing.


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Let the hate flow through you, Gabriella.
Gabi was released from prison and like Abby’s return to Salem, there was little fanfare, and we were robbed of seeing the ending to both storylines. At least Gabi got to confront Stefan for setting her up for Andre’s murder. She threw a glass at his head and let loose in Spanish for starters. He responded in Spanish and she paused to give him kudos, which worried me. I hope that this doesn’t mean she will fall for that poor excuse for a man. He must want to keep his enemies close to have rehired Gabi at Gabi Chic but is she really going to use her position to screw him over? Or will she wind up falling for the man who ruined her life, which wouldn’t be the first time in Salem. Because love triangles run rampantly in Salem this year, many are already speculating that these two will be hot for one another and Gabs will forget all about revenge. Then Abigail will see that Chad’s heading toward the dark side and fall for Stefan. Like an 80s romance novel. Gabi, like Theresa, might find it more rewarding to focus more on their kids than revenge.


Summer of Cin.
This relationship of sorts is moving along at a good clip. Ciara let down her guard and opened up about being raped, then Ben’s calm reaction to it made her trust him and set down her knife. His vow never to hurt her was super creepy and reminiscent of his relationship with Abigail. Do you, like me, hate that you’re enjoying their scenes because in real life it’s so wickedly wrong?

Could my speculation that Ben has schizophrenia be far from the mark after seeing him take medication?

This is an opinion piece. Please feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments!

Best lines:

Sonny on Chad, “He’s honest, he’s decent, he’s fair.”

Ben, “You have to be a special kind of sick to hurt your sister.”

Hope to Rafe, “No, you don’t know [how it is] cause you don’t have a child.”

Stefan to Chad, “Is Abigail okay with you going full DiMera?”

Justin to Sonny, “Are you okay with your best friend taking your job?”


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