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Deconstructing DOOL: Can Chad Pull Off Becoming the Next Phoenix?

June 18 - 22

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The biggest theme lately, other than the love triangles is that our stories have a beginning and an end but often not enough of a middle to build interest and carry the story. There’s no shortage of exciting scenes, and there’s loads of potential. It just needs to come together.

Living in Cin.
I admitted last Friday in Deconstructing DOOL, to being suckered into liking Cin but believed it was only because of Ben’s hotness. It started as such but this week I found myself more interested since their feelings about their situations are a wee bit similar. It was fun watching Ciara’s sarcasm at work while Ben was using his manners. The way Ben’s been discussing his past and how it relates to the terrible things he’s done makes me think they’re going to diagnose him with schizophrenia. It’d be a way to bring him back into the fold and cement the relationship between him and Ciara. You know, the way they used a mental illness with Andre and then Abigail? It’s becoming a theme. Oy.

Celebrating her freedom.
Chloe’s back from New York City, her kid’s bunked in with Nancy and Craig, and she’s busy celebrating her freedom by dining at only the finest of establishments in Salem – the local pub. I guess she has no ill effects. Viewers are asking what the point was to this story. I think it was solely to prop Brady, Theresa and Eve’s storyline. It’s a shame to treat characters this way. And now with Bryan Dattilo leaving Days, Lucas’ character will rest yet again, but will we see Chloe still? It’s a bit of a mess. I’ll miss Lucas but maybe the cast is just too large for them to write proper storylines for each character.

Will’s sudden forced 180.
For someone who didn’t give a crap about learning more about his past, Will sure has done a 180 in the space of a few days. Suddenly, he must know who he was. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me until after he took the serum and flashed to old memories of falling for Sonny. At least he’s being true to himself by keeping secrets from his boyfriend and stealing hospital property, like any good son of Sami Brady should do. But I’d prefer our stories had a clear beginning, middle and end. This story has missed some progression in the middle.

Titan’s new CEO is a DiMera – hell really has frozen over.
It’s difficult to believe that there isn’t a single person at Titan that Victor trusts enough to become interim CEO and that it’s so dire that stock has fallen 50% in two weeks, enough for Victor to become desperate enough to trust Chad DiMera to take over. This is crazy. Usually I find business storylines boring AF but because it’s about besties, Sonny and Chad, there’s some appeal. Not to mention Kate’s involvement. It was shocking that Kate just came out and revealed she’s the one behind the sexual harassment case. I like the twist instead of the usual secrets and lies and was further intrigued by Kate handing Chad Stefano’s phoenix pinky ring and making him an offer he couldn’t refuse – by becoming the next phoenix. I’ve never seen Chad as being dastardly as his father, but after all he’s been through, this could be a turning point for him. It looks like Gabi could help him in his quest to take Stefan down, especially after the devastation of seeing Arianna turn her away.

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Lani loses her baby, angering many soap fans.
I wanted to feel something for this storyline for the past six months but it wasn’t fleshed out enough for whatever reason. Lani and Eli were barely on canvas, and there was only one scene of Lani being happy about her pregnancy when she rubbed her tummy. Oddly Wednesday’s episode drew me in. The writing was strong, the acting superb. Lani’s dream wasn’t necessary as some pointed out but it was amusing to me. It was the anti-soap opera where everything turns out beautifully in a perfect world. In reality, we had a heartwarming scene of family gathering to provide support, Lani pulling at our heartstrings with her obvious anguish, Val crying over the baby’s ginormous footprints, and Kayla barely containing her own emotions while sharing the devastating news with family. Overall, it made for a moving episode except perhaps for Father Eric distracting half the viewers by looking too fine in black, and then almost backing out of leading the family in prayer because “I’m not a priest anymore.” Uh. Did he forget how to pray?

My guess is that JJ and Lani will reunite since now that there’s no baby in the mix, he can forgive her dalliance with Eli. Otherwise, I’m once again left out in the cold, wondering what the point was to this story. Actually, even if they do reunite I still don’t get the point of it all. Maybe one of you can enlighten me!

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Best lines:

Victor, “It’ll all stop when that little weasel accepts the settlement offer.”


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