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Deconstructing DOOL: Slowly, yet Surely, Writing Melaswen 2.0

May 21 – 25

Paul Telfer Xander Marry Kiss Dismiss

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The storylines this week were interesting, but I enjoy the show more when they spend just a little more time telling the whole story, keeping us on the edge of our seats just for a short time before finishing the storylines so abruptly. This week we’ve moved on to another sexual harassment storyline, and we saw yet another murder. I’d love if they moved on from these types of stories for a while…At least we got Xander back to stir the pot. Hopefully he’s way less psychotic this time.

Rescuing Chloe.
Miguel’s kindness got him killed, which was surprising. I’m glad John and Paul found Mateo’s compound fast, but felt we missed out on the planning leading up to their attack. I found it really unbelievable that John and Paul could just walk into a drug lord’s compound and find their way that easily to Chloe’s room. Sure, Mateo was warned in advance by Benedict Arnold Theresa, but wouldn’t it have been easier on Mateo to just shoot them on site? What do I know? I’m no drug lord!

Leo suing Sonny.
I really love how Will of all people learned that Leo was suing Sonny for sexual harassment. Adding him to the mix could make this an interesting storyline and for those keeping track, it’ll likely draw the guys closer together.

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Rolf’s journal.
With Will accidentally figuring out that Rolf’s journal is full of formulas to “put a stopper in death,” as Professor Snape would say, is there anyone in Salem who can decode the formula? And what about the possibility of Will using Rolf’s other formula to remember who he is? About a month ago, William went from calling Paul “a guy I’m involved with,” but not a boyfriend, to having strong feelings for him, even feeling horribly worried for his beau when he learned Paul had to trek to Mexico to rescue Chloe from the drug lord. So if he does remember who he is, his feelings for Sonny will come flooding back but his personality is still changed to some degree. What could this mean? Another love triangle? I always found talk of WilSon’s ‘grand love’ to be blown out of proportion and recall distinctly that they had a very difficult relationship from day one. Still, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t find their way back to one another eventually. Each has changed and grown, after all. But is that what the majority wants? I think I prefer Will with Paul who are sexier to me as a couple and that’s what I want to see in my soaps!

Vivian Alamain’s alive.
This is no surprise. We saw Vivian being injected at the hospital and assumed she hadn’t “shuffled off this mortal coil,” as Shakespeare says, but the twist is that Kate didn’t struggle with the gun and it went off. She murdered my Aunt Vivian in cold blood. I love Kate and Vivian, but harbour no hard feelings toward Kate. I’m not a hypocrite about this. Vivian has messed with so many people over the years that she was bound to get hers at some point! I’m glad that she’s alive at least. Who was it that is holding her? Dr. Rolf? Andre? Tony? At this point I’m just naming all of the people in Salem who “died.” I hope it’s Ivan.

Brady and his lady loves.
Theresa’s return has made this love triangle interesting since all three parties love each other. It makes it miserable to some extent because no matter who gets the guy, it’s going to be bittersweet, especially with Tate’s involvement. I weighed in on this in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, thinking Breve’s almost perfect together in a crazy codependent way, while Thrady were sort of adorable together as their relationship began as a coke-induced fling and they got healthy together. Now? Theresa’s behaviour has been selfish. It wasn’t that surprising that she’d warn El Fideo, knowing if he thought she sent John and Paul to him that he’d murder Tate and Brady, but it really bugs me that she said nothing about Chloe to anyone, especially John. Surely she knows John would have done all he could to help save Chloe along with Brady and Tate? Oddly, I’m siding with Maggie on this one. I think Brady and Eve may actually be better suited, while Theresa’s still our wild girl!

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Everyone’s being haunted by rape flashbacks.
How heartbreaking and depressing was it to hear three characters reminiscing about such a horrible time in their lives with Julie talking to Ciara about being raped by Larry Atwood, Jennifer opening up with Abigail about Lawrence Alamain raping her and Abigail remembering being in bed with Stefan after he had sex with her alter Gabby, thus raping Abby. Both Ciara and Abigail have a lot of therapy coming their way.

Prison vs. treatment.
I love Andre, warts and all, and I wouldn’t change what he did to Gabi. He was a villain and should have been acting like a villain. Sure, what he did royally sucked for Gabi, but he didn’t deserve to die for it. But I don’t feel angry with Abigail for his death since it was clearly an accident. Odd, I know. I can understand why she wanted to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter but am confused as to what her sentencing would have been. The murder itself had zero to do with her being mentally ill, so technically she should have endured prison time. But since she has DID, she needs treatment that she can’t get in prison, it’s perfect that she’ll go away to a treatment facility. Maybe Trask will be able to help with a plea deal. It’s been fun having Trask on so often! She’s nasty, she’s got a big personality, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is or piss someone off by mocking the less fortunate. As for Gabi, it was wonderful to see her happy about being released and immediately painful to know she has to deal with that psycho Diane.

This is my opinion and I’d love to hear yours – popular or not!

Best lines:

Vivian, “Oh my God. You.”

Eve to Theresa, “What made you think you could just walk in and be embraced after taking a wrecking ball to this family?”

Mateo to Chloe, “I killed her. People who screw with me die.”


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